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Kawasaki  Syndrome

Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 4 February 2004
  Can anyone tell me what this is in relation to cleaning

   Thanks rob-s Huh
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 4 February 2004
Grin Grin Grin Grin

Hi Rob-s

Yes itís when my Kawack 550GT is in the doldrums and wont start. Apart from that I donít know


Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 4 February 2004
I've just sold my Kawaski ZX6-R...I think I am suffering from something like this now!!! Embarassed

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It may be of help although no body seems to know the cause:
Although no organism has ever been identified as causing Kawasaki disease, researchers believe that viral illness precedes the condition. Epidemics of the disease seem to occur every two to three years.

Why d'ya ask incidentlyHuh
Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 4 February 2004
    Syndrome, not disease they are different.

 Regards rob-s
Posted by Ken_Wainwright (Ken Wainwright), 4 February 2004
The simplest description is dust mite allergy. As far as I'm aware, this allergy/syndrome that we encounter here in the UK came to light in Japan. Because they sleep on thin mattresses laid onto wooden floors, any mites or other allergens were not so "anchored" as they would be on carpeted floors, and some were therefor inhaled. Symptoms were similar to those experienced here in the UK. They named it Kawasaki Syndrome or Kawasai disease. In the recent past, it was thought that carpet shampooing also caused it. The theory was that allergens floated in the air on tiny, soapy bubbles and were inhaled Huh  That debate seems to have gone away Smiley

Safe and happy cleaningSmiley
Brmmmm  Brmmmm
Posted by Nigel_W (Nigel_W), 4 February 2004


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