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builders clean and other new boy topics!

Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 3 November 2003
having just started up in the last 3 weeks and doing only domestics i ve been asked about builders clean,
is this a good thing to get into or is it a pain in the arse.
 When i used to work on building sites the windows were always filthy, more often than not covered with plaster and the like, any advice on pricing up?
 Also it  may seem like a bone question, but when using poles for long reach work say for example onto a 2nd or third floor window how do you blade it off and run around the corners with scrim, or do people only use water fed methods at these heights?
 any advice would be much appreciated,thanks very much.
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 3 November 2003
its a pain if you havent got the right tolls but a good one if your tooled up and depending on what they want doing price it up for what you think you want for it and how long it will take
Posted by sw_windows (sw_windows), 3 November 2003
is there anything else i need apart from the normal domestic window cleaning equipment or anything else you need?
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 3 November 2003
lots my friend ...remember to do commercial work or builders cleans you will need insurance..risk assesment....method statement.....then if you need to go over 2m on your ladders you will probablly have to hire out platforms for the out side if you dont have a reach and wash system the inside you can do with a normal pole i use 32 foot with 28" squeege and mate then if the inside windows are really crappy you may need do get oil o flo or crystal clear to get off all the muck

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