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Pure water/Pole systems

Posted by Smithcleaning (Smithcleaning), 12 January 2004
Hi all,

There's a lot of discussion about pole systems at the moment but with 17 problem free years with Ettore blades I seriously wonder where the advantage is. There is significant financial outlay, and two friends who are now using it have lost a fair few customers and I've seen their work close up and it certainly isn't as good as the results I get on a consistent basis.

How much faster is it ane what percentage greater are your earnings? What made you decide to make the change? I can see clear (sorry!) advanatges on glass where a ladder couldn't be used or on offices etc. wherequality is not too important and price is (ie cheap) but I can't see the point (yet) on houses.

Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 12 January 2004
If you cant see the point, why ask the question.
2 people I know died falling off a ladder I dont intend to be no 3. It is safer and a bit  faster. I lost work when I introduced squeegees into this area more years ago than I care to remember- "Is that it, what about giving them a polish" etc If you wait 10 years till most have a wfp then you will be one of the ones left to command the best prices and deserve it because you do it the old fashioned way, if you havent fallen off .The major manufacturers told me that its not for you it doesnt do domestic. Well it does and I have converted 97% to wfp the 3% dont worry me as I gained lots more bigger jobs because of the health and safety issues.
Jeff Brimble
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 12 January 2004

    I agree. A lot of my customers were sceptical when I started using a squeegee and although I`m nowhere near getting a wfp I wouldn`t rule it out in the future.  

 Less strain on the knees too. But don`t keep talking about falling off ladders, you`re worrying me.  Undecided   Grin

Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 12 January 2004
Mr smithcleaning

set a company up with a purewater system in manchester always been with the old brigade but one of his contracts was the G-mex center and he and his partner laddered the lot  untill he come along with his new system, the manager could not believe it. knocked half a day of the job. but this is not the case on all jobs quite a few jobs you will have to work at. but tell the customer what you are doing and it will take a few cleans to come right and heath & safety at them

cheers Andrew
Posted by Bones (Bones), 12 January 2004
on 01/12/04 at 19:07:01, g_griffin wrote:
But don`t keep talking about falling off ladders, you`re worrying me.  Undecided   Grin


Maybe we should decide not to mention falling off ladders, don't wanna talk it up do we Shocked

I never think of it till someone mentions it!! Roll Eyes Grin


Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 12 January 2004
Eliminating ladders is another reason Im thinking of getting a WFS.

What do you chaps think

Posted by poleman (poleman), 13 January 2004
i got a pole system 02 and its the best business move i ever made, when i change over it was like changing my job, life just got a hole lot better, big jobs more money, peace of mine for my family and me knowing that i was safe at work, i had been going up ladders for to many years but when i moved over to a pole system i became more relax/ happy/wealthier/and safe.  Smiley

andy dorset

fed member  
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 13 January 2004

Hope you dont mind me asking but:

What did it cost?
What system did you buy?
Who are you customers (Dom, Com - what percentage?)
Is it a trolley or in the van?

Pm me if you dont want everyone to know but the reason I ask is I may buy one in the very near future and it would be a big help to me .  Sorry if you think I am nosey.



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