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Software for commercial cleaning quotes?

Posted by petra (petra), 5 October 2003
I am looking for Pocket pc software, to help me with quotes. I would like to use it for commercial cleaning quotes. Do any of you know where I can get it from .
Ps reasonably priced software.

Posted by Sparkle_n_Shine (Sparkle_n_Shine), 6 October 2003
Hi, there are 3 companies who deal in this type of software there web addresses are below;

Hope these addresses help good luck

Posted by petra (petra), 7 October 2003
Thanx for that , it's a real help

Posted by Sparkle_n_Shine (Sparkle_n_Shine), 7 October 2003
Hi Petra,

Glad we could help good luck with youre software search.


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