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old granny

Posted by cleaner_windows (cleaner_windows), 9 February 2004
while i was driving around today i had the great disspleasure of having a close encounter of the old granny driver. i was turning into a lane that took me into a small village, all was clear to my front and the car waiting to pull out of the junction LOOKED as though it had seen me, NOT, it hit me side on. causing a substancial ammount of damage. i approached the offending vehicle only to find the wrinkly getting back in ready  to drive off. i asked her what she was doing? she replied "i have only got a broken light my car is ok", what a cheek. my van had the biggest dint eva but her car only had a broken light, well bully for her.
                i just hope that she has insurance!!
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 9 February 2004
Did anyone see it, did you get names and addresses, I had a bump 3 years ago a womam was parked I was turning right she looked behind and set off straight into me all the passenger side was damaged she had a broken badge . She said it was her fault . When she got home and told her hubby everything changed , her neck was in a colar and it took over 2 years to get to court , in the end I won,  but the hassel of it all , dont beleive anything that the person told you THEY ALL LIE
Posted by Neil (wylie), 9 February 2004
To right Majestic
A couple of years ago My wife was in our Brand new car (two weeks old) waiting at a T junction when the car behind ran into the back of her.
Same story. the woman got out looked at her car and said to my wife Oh well not much damage lets just leave it eh!
My wife was not so sure so asked for insurance details and name address that sort of thing.
When we had the car checked at the dealers it had 600 worth of damage and guess what the woman NEVER had insurance.
I lost my no-claims and the Police did nothing.
It ended up costing me a fortune for something that was not my wifes fault.
Where is the justice Huh?? Huh

Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 9 February 2004
They reckon theres over 1 1/2 million uninsured drivers out there. Ever wonder why we pay so much on car insurance?
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 10 February 2004
I have an on going insurance hassle that I won't bother going into details about. What I can tell you is that the stress and worry it is causing me is out of all proportion to the original accident.

A friend of mine who is a copper says always keep a disposabe camera in your vehicle and even for the slightest knock take loads of photos, both vehicles and the other driver.
Photos are evidence because otherwise you are relying on your word against thiers.

My accident was a tiny tiny bump when reversing that has been inflated into a massive claim of several thousand pounds, loss of earnings etc. by a guy who seemed really reasonable about the whole thing when it happened.
Posted by cleaner_windows (cleaner_windows), 10 February 2004
thanx for all replys. i had phone call from the old lady today to exchange insurance details. she is now saying that she did not see me indicating, no s*+t, she did not even see my van.!!!! cheers all
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 10 February 2004
I saw a good one today whilst having a drink. 3 lads in an old Micra, I don`t know whether they were window cleaners but they had a ladder. The 2 passengers were holding the ladder outside of the car by dangling their arms out of the window. They also had to drive across a main road.
 I wonder if they were insured  Undecided


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