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Specialist Cleaning

Posted by Helenb123 (Helenb123), 16 February 2004
Is there such a thing? By only offering standard cleaning services are we stopping ourselves from entering areas of the market?

When I say specialist cleaning, I mean cleaning to things such as listed buildings, high security buildings and that kind of thing.

Does anyone know about this type of cleaning, or am I just feeling around in the darkHuh  Huh
Posted by Les (Les), 16 February 2004
Hey The World's Your Oyster. Shocked
You can specialise in anything you wish to if you want to commit to the training and investment involved.  Undecided
Generally speaking the only limiting factor is yourself. Wink

Suddenly I've gone all Philos....Fillosofi.....Thoughtful ! Grin
Posted by Helenb123 (Helenb123), 17 February 2004
Where would I find out about this kind of cleaning? I dont think the training is a problem, just would need to know what kind of training! Would an NVQ help, or are there specific courses for this?

There was sommat else I was gonna say but someone started talking to me and now its gone .... Shame!

Thanks for the info tho!

H x

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