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commercial work -schools

Posted by recs (recs), 22 October 2003
can anyone offer advice on getting commercial school work?.
Now a lot of schools are grant maintained I wondered how many of you guys actually do their work ?.
If you do some ,how do you price it up? and how often do they have the windows cleaned?.
Any other tips on commercial work ??i.e. best ones to try for and ones to avoid.

Thanks guys
Posted by jake (jake), 22 October 2003

one of my regulars is an headmistress at a local junior school and she asked if I would clean their windows at half term, she runs the school budget and writes the cheque! So I reckon it's worth a try directly asking at the school!! well the smaller ones maybe.

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 22 October 2003
hi i do a large private school just walked straight in...cos we use high reach poles i cut their costs by 1500 quid and two of us over a weekend instead of 10 blokes on ladders do the job quarterlly instead of the ones before doing it once a year

Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 22 October 2003
Hi Recs
I clean a local high school once a quarter, I got the job from my advert in yellow pages.I have to clean it during school time as at weekends the school building is full of alarms and if you go near it they will go off. From putting my bill in to geting paid is spot on 28 days . The best thing to try is calling in at one of your local schools and just asking if they have a regular window cleaner, and could you give them a price . Work out how long you think it will take you and then add a bit more  , on commercial jobs I just add on 25% to what I would charge for domestic ,or more if I think that I can get it. Send them a written price with method statement , on headed paper also put this price is valid for x months from above date , price to include wiping sills and frames , I do this anyway but it looks good to the customer Cool

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