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`Dog Earing` Your Squeegee Channels.

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 31 March 2004
Is there anyone on the group who `Dog Ear` their squeegee channels? I`ve tried it
to what I would descibe to be at the best advantage but overall thought it to be an
overated practise.Unless that is,I`m doing something wrong! It seems to be quite
popular in the U.S. as I understand it.Its only really practical I find on aluminium and
brass channels (soft).Anyone who does and are going along to the Leicester week end
I wonder if they`d be kind enough to bring along an example?

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 31 March 2004
I've heard the American lads talking about this as well, i have loads of old channels knocking around so i'll give it a try and let you know.
I believe its only a very slight bend required at the very tip, just enough to keep the edge tight against the glass.
Posted by denzle (Denzle), 1 April 2004
As promissed i tried it out today, it does make a big difference in my humble oppinion. Next to no detailing required and i'm a real picky person.
I did find that the ends of the rubber wear faster and found that hard rubber suited me better ( Normally i use soft ) Speed was improved to a point where i was really getting away from my top guy, he then dog eared his and he was fair flying also.
We did 30 big 4 & 5 bed houses in just  6 and a half hrs.
Give it a try you might just like it.
Posted by simonb (simonb), 1 April 2004
By 'Dog Ear' do U mean cutting a small piece off at 45 degree angle?
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 1 April 2004
Glad to be of some help Denzil.I have done and tried it in the past,but could`nt really
get comfortable with it.I find setting my rubber inside the channel 3/16ths of inch approx
to be more benefical.Ya don`t have to control the squeegee blade at all,the window frame
does it for you automaticlly.It is benefical you use Sorbo channels to help stop scratching the
u.p.v.c framework.We are talking about windows with rubber mouldings here I assume?

Lewis Doubtfire, Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by pussycatz (HCS), 1 April 2004
Sounds like a winner guys.

Can you put a photo or two on the board for us all to see?
Posted by tam (tam), 1 April 2004
I Dog Ear my squeegees but I also cut my blade at an angle away from the squeegee and you can garantee that you will leave the edges of your windows perfect. Also when you are polling any windows especialy above ground floor you will leave no lines. No charge!  
Posted by Neil (wylie), 1 April 2004
I know its very hard but is there any way you can make it a bit clearer, as I am keen to give your tip a go but am not quite sure what you mean.
Is it the leading edge which is left longest? and how much of an angle is required.
Oh and how do I dog ear a blade?

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 1 April 2004
By Dogearing a channel, i can best discribe it as slightly bending the tips of the channel outward ( Towards the glass ) this has the effect of keeping the ends of your rubber tight against the glass / frame.
It leaves very little, if any residue that would normally be taken care of by detailing.
It worked for me today and upped my speed at the expense of one and a half rubbers, as we replace them daily anyway i figure it was a small price to pay.
Posted by Neil (wylie), 1 April 2004
Thanks Denzle
I will give it go tommorow.
Posted by Neil (wylie), 2 April 2004
Maybe monday then.  Cry

Its persisting down here.   Cry

and the wifes left me a list of jobs as usual.   Tongue

Sad  Sad  Sad
Posted by tam (tam), 2 April 2004
Wylie, just as that post said bend the squeegee edge slightly towards the window and angle the blade / about by that angle and you will see a differance.
Posted by Neil (wylie), 2 April 2004
Tam & Denzle,

Thank you both, the sun came out this afternoon and I was able to get out and try your tip and it definitely works for me.
At first I found one side to be giving a better result than the other but when I checked the "bend" was a different angle but when put the same as the good side the results were great.
I only had chance to try it on a few houses but I was definitely faster than usual!
I will stick with it next week so hopefully things will get better.
Once again
Thanks guys!

Posted by fez (fez), 3 April 2004
Wow!! Shocked Shocked Shocked

I went out this morning on catch up, in between the showers. I decided to try dog-earing so I took an old Ettore squeegee out of my box as I didn't want to ruin a good one. I gently bent the corners down, but I couldn't be bothered to change the old, warn rubber.

First house I tried, I couldn't believe the results! I'm a GG3 user and I found it (slightly) harder to manouvre the squeegee on the glass, but the results were fantastic. Absolutely NO detailing whatsoever and this was with an old rubber! The first house was a large farmhouse that normally takes me 1 hour and 5 minutes.
I'd done it in 45 minutes today.

I flew around the following houses only to be stopped by the rain.

If you haven't tried it, give it a go.  Wink

Posted by dave0123 (dave0123), 3 April 2004
Hello i am new to window cleaning i have worked with a companny over the last 4 months Smiley and am now setting up my own round getting a few custmores. i am still abit slow at window cleaning but sure to get faster.

I was just wondering by dogg earing your squeegee do u mean the end of it two ends that stop drips etc in corners?. please help as it might make me faster Smiley

Thanks for your help dave.
Posted by fez (fez), 3 April 2004
How I did it was by bending the tips of the squeegee channel with a pair of pliers towards the glass ever so slightly so that the rubber is pressed into the edge.

It's hard to describe, but it works.
Posted by dave0123 (dave0123), 3 April 2004
i think i no what u mean so the Rubber does not sort of bend as much as it would do? when squeegeeing a window
Posted by Neil (wylie), 3 April 2004
I also used a pair of pliers to slightly bend the leading corner "towards the glass" the results were great.
It may take a little perfecting but the difference is noticeable. Smiley


Posted by seanc (seanc), 3 April 2004
is there any way some kind chap could find a way of putting a photo of this dog earing on so the village diot (meaning me before any one thinks it is them there is only one and thats my job lol  Grin Roll Eyes) can give it a go
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 3 April 2004
I know I should send down a picture but I don`t have a digital camara,which is what you
need as I understand it.I forgot to mention in my other e,mail,but I`ve also rigged up an
Ettore `back-flip` with the same strange `feeling` or `touch` with `SqueegeeMates`.
Anyway I`m glad its helped a few people out,myself included I guess,which I must say,I`ve
surprised myself really.Don`t forget,there are different `settings`.i.e. u.pvp.c. windows with
different rubber mouldings and say wood frames (straight) With oldish say sash windows
and casements with old fashioned linseed oil putty surrounds the same thing applies as with
modern u.pv.c.with mouldings. Users up to press,are you finding  that your scratching the
frame a `tad` or are ya all oaky with it.? If so,try and `fashion` some kind of plastic end  of
channel protector working on the same principle as the Sorbo channel with plastic end plugs.
In time to come,I can possibly envisage the manufacturers making channels off the production
lines to equal and combat all what we are doing as a `half-assed` or `home spun effort.

Lewis Doubtfire      Gleem Clean ( Blade Runner)

Posted by sham33 (sham33), 3 April 2004
I think i know what your saying but i cant be totally sure till i see a picture  Undecided
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 4 April 2004
Denis,when you `slightly`,thats like saying `how long is a piece of string`. If the
`dog-ears` are only as you say `slightly`,how is the rubber held in place?? I used
to use brass end clips but its not  neccessary. Also what channel lenths is everyone
using? below a certain lenth `dog-earing` is`nt neccessary perhaps.It is true that extra
pressure is needed,but the longer the channnel the better it is for a `dog-eared` channel.
Then rubber type comes into the `equasion`.I use Pulex soft where lightness of hand pressure
is essential for a `detail` free finish.Also Sorbo 3x4 rubbers.Heavy hand pressure with these
rubbersHuh No way!! Any comments.?

Lewis Doubtfire, Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by fez (fez), 4 April 2004
I don't suppose that the channel length is important as your only affecting the edges. I used an old one because I didn't want to experiment with good gear.

The channel I tried it with is a 12" Ettore stainless steel one and as for "slightly" my bends are only about 2mm towards the glass. I'll try to take a picture to attach to a post if that'll help. Smiley
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 4 April 2004
Good Photo Fez.Does the rubber  hold securely in the channel as its seen in the photo?
If your getting a `detail` free clean like it is,fine,but I could`nt do it,especially on windows
with u.pv.c frames and rubber mouldings.To do it,do you find you have to come down the
glass slowly holding the squeegee as perhaps you would a paint brush when painting a window.?
If anyone has any problems next week with `dog-eared` channels and not getting the finish they
would like go thru` earlier posts and `track back` for solution solving.
P.S.  Its a pity that there is`nt a `Dog-Eared` channel stand/booth being exhibited at the Leicester
trade show thats coming up.

Lewis Doubtfire Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by james44 (james44), 5 April 2004
i  can`t see a picture can someone e-mail a pic to me so i can try it , thanks
Posted by dave0123 (dave0123), 5 April 2004
i carnt see the picture as well for some reason SadSad

Could you possibley email to me please to this would be great Smiley

Thanks lads. Wink
Posted by dave_carroll (dave_carroll), 6 April 2004
thought it was just me that was blind. photo to me aswell please.

Posted by denzle (Denzle), 6 April 2004
I tried to get a photo on here but failed miserably. Once i can get it sorted out i'll re-post it.

Posted by pussycatz (HCS), 6 April 2004
I tried dog earing my squeegee channel today and I had a little slow start but once I got going I was considerably quiker than usual and the showers didn't slow me down either.

What a great idea this tip has been.
Posted by Glen (Glen), 12 April 2004
Exactly how many mm do you bend the corners forward?Also how much rubber overlap do you leave or do you cut it flush with the end of the channel?
When you say cut the rubber at an angle what do you mean?

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