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Do you need a website ?????

Posted by matt (matt), 23 February 2004
If any1 needs a site

send me 10 quid via nochex and i will sort you a single page site out, your own colours etc etc

a sample

10 quid, free hosting and nothing else to pay

it even has a NOCHEX payment box on it (you will have to set up a nochex account)

will also include a PAYPAL payment if you require

wil take me 30 mins to sort out the links and hosting etc
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 24 February 2004
Hi Matt

That sounds like a good deal to me!

10 doesnt normally cover the domain name let alone the hosting etc.


Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson  [Silly Philly]), 24 February 2004
Tell us a bit more about it Matt, it does sound like a bargain.

Can we choose our own domain name?  What about making changes when its set up?

(I've changed my email address several times over the years)

I'm sure other forum members might be interested in your offer too!

Posted by matt (matt), 24 February 2004
well this is the short of it

I use free hosts (no banner or pop-ups) the thing with these free hosts it they are allways real long names

www.yoursite/ <----- you get the idea of the long URL's, SITE DOESNT EXIST

well i use a russian company to "mask" the real name


so you can choose any name as long as it ends in (many think it looks fairly different

it doesnt cost me anything to host etc etc , BUT the 10 quid is for my time setting up the hosting, setting up the masking and changing the words on the site to suit your self (too be honest, its not about the money (as 10 quid is nothing these days, i earn that in 30mins cleaning windows), but a token tenner for my time, will buy me a few drinks etc)

the site can be changed as many times as you like, you keep the forever, if you decide to have a professional 10 page flash site (made by yourself or any web designer (i can do a fair bit, but im also in a team of designers, so we can sort out most things), you can then just mask it with your (thus your site allways stays the same)

sure the sample site i gave isnt FLASH (as rick pointed out last night) BUT for many newbies its a little site with NOCHEX or PAYPAL, a e.mail address and your contact numbers etc

ive done a few in the last few weeks for bed and breakfast's (my mate has just opened 1, and i did 1 for him, he told he mate who owns a B&B down the coast, and the little community of B&B's and small hotels all had single page sites, on this note i charged a little more (30 quid a site, if people must know), i only said 10 quid in here as i thought i could help other window cleaners out)

there you go, nothing hidden, just a simple site, for you to put on your biz cards

Posted by simonb (simonb), 24 February 2004 sounds like Danny la Rue's site

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