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Window Cleaning Issues - Canvassing, pole systems, pricing, problems, etc.


Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 13 February 2004
Dear All,

I am up for buying a round of which I think is good value but, the estate has not been cleaned since the week before christmas.  I had a look around the estate which looks fine but I am concerned that the area has not been serviced for a while.  The chap who is selling it is a fed member and has offered to knock on all the customers doors and introduce me to them and the reason for the sale is he is too busy with all the commercial work he does.  My local window cleaner thinks it's a bit dodgy to buy - I need your opinions and advice urgently.


Wrighty Angry
Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 13 February 2004
If he hasn't been there for the best part of two months, do you not think they're going to tell him to get lost when he tells them he's packing in, but is recommending you to carry on?

Depends how he words it, I suppose.

Dodgy to buy - the work or the area?

Quite frankly, if he can't service it and couldn't see in advance that he'd have to get a replacement ( are you the first person he's tried to sell it to? ) he deserves to lose it.

I never said this, but leave it a few weeks and then canvass the place yourself. After the first few, word will spread and they'll come to you.

BUT, they've probably been phoning round trying to get other window cleaners, and if no-one's taken on the work, why should you?

Sorry mate, my thoughts are a bit garbled, but you said urgent!  Wink
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 13 February 2004
The current window cleaner is a local and the people who came out today asked when he was cleaning them and they seemed happy to see him so that is a reason I wouldnt canvass it in a few weeks.

My local window cleaner said the same thing

like I say the people today welcomed him and me so I would not canvass it to be honest.

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 13 February 2004
So if they seem like good customers, the only thing to bother about is the pricing. How does that stack up - worth doing, or would you need to jack it up a bit? He must have told you what his hourly rate is or what he brings in for that run.
Posted by jake (jake), 13 February 2004

If your happy with the area and your going to be introduced as the new window cleaner and you think it is good value, go for it!!!!  His old customers will probably be glad of the continuity and that he isnt letting them down. At this time of the year with the bad weather, most customers would probably expect a break in the service, but not for too long. Just make sure his figures add up!!  Good luck mate!

Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 13 February 2004
Jake & Davie,

Thanks for the advice the figures stack up and the area is up market so I guess I dont have to be concerned about the purchase.

Thanks chaps

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 13 February 2004
No problems mate, our consultancy fee will be with you by the end of the month Wink
Posted by wrighty (wrighty), 13 February 2004
LOL on second thought your not that good Grin

Take care chaps Tongue

Wrighty Wink
Posted by Silly_Philly (Silly Philly), 13 February 2004
Why not give him half the money now, and the other half after 2 or 3 months when its been worked?  

You could have a written agreement to the effect that any customers lost because of the time will be refunded.

Posted by matt (matt), 13 February 2004
why not work it with him the first time, that way, people will see you with him, you will work off half of the money straight away Smiley

then either pay him the other half straight away, or pay him when you do the round the 2nd time, that way, you wont need to shell any money out
Posted by denzle (Denzle), 14 February 2004
To be honest some of my customers haven't seen me since christmas as i work on a 5 week turnaround. We took 2 weeks off for the festive period, then had a load of bad weather etc.
Without exception all my customers have remained loyal and were really pleased to see me, so i wouldn't let that aspect worry you. I would work it with him for the first month to get to know his customers. Then if it seems viable i would make him an offer, seems he needs you more than you need him so i would offer well below what he is asking.
Just my thoughts
Posted by paul (paul), 15 February 2004
i agree with denzle work with him the first month doing the round then you can judge for your self what its worth and how much you will make for the est Shockedate

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