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help with flyers please

Posted by nick_spencer (nick_spencer), 5 December 2003
hi there lads, i know that its been done before but i was wondering if anyone had any ideas for flyers ie wording design etc .... i've seen on previous posts that certain people have been able to email templates,  would this be possible for little old me  Grin i would be eternially grateful

me email adress is  Roll Roll Eyes

Posted by freegarda (freegarda), 8 December 2003
I'll second that, anything anyone can send me gratefully received. my email is Cheers  Grin
Posted by sham33 (sham33), 8 December 2003
i wouldn't say no also  Cheesy
Posted by Neil (wylie), 8 December 2003
Hi everyone,
When I first started I put out loads of flyers see GO FOR IT. I dont have a template but if you want some professionally printed flyers at a reasonable price try ringing Columbian Press in Croydon on 020 8763 9088. They have got my design which I dont mind anyone using or you can give them your own ideas and if you have as much success with it as me it will be worth the cost.
1000 A5 leaflets printed black on white 250gsm card is 89.00. This includes everything including carriage to anywhere on mainland Britain. The run-on price for an extra 1000 is 25.00, so 2000 would cost 114, 3000 is 139 and so on.
I know this may sound a lot of money but in my experience the work they generated more than covered the initial outlay

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 9 December 2003
Flyers are ok, but to be quite honest, its far better to canvass work.

Yes I know its not particularly pleasant to go knocking on doors, but believe me, it works much better than flyers.

Average response for 100 flyers is about 3%
Average response from canvassing is about 35%

Only a certain type of customer will respond to flyers, and they are often the ones who will moan about price.

You can see which houses are dirty if you look closely enough,

just be friendly and say "I noticed your windows hadn't been cleaned in a while, just thought i'd call and see if you'd like them doing"

Its that easy, so stop messing on with expensive-waste-of-time flyers and get knocking!

Posted by matt (matt), 9 December 2003
thats right, flyers are ok, BUT if you really want to pick up punters, get door knocking

though saying that, we were in town today, we do 3 shops in the space of a about 10, we deicded to put our card through a few doors, put in 6 cards, 1 phoned and we picked up some biz of him
Posted by scwindowcleaning (scwindowcleaning), 10 December 2003
I think posting flyers a couple of days before going door knocking is the best way. I've just started up and after reading posts from this site I did just that.

I managed to pick up 10 customers from a street I posted 80 flyers.  

A lot of the new customers said they had been meaning to ring, if I hadn't gone door knocking they would never of got round to it.

I've been door knocking down streets where I haven't flyered, people tend to be a bit more suspicous. Flyers will give you a better image, but you've got to go door knocking.

1000 flyers for 89 is 8.9p per flyer. My post office will photocopy A4 sheets for 10p and I put 4 flyers on page. Thats 2.5p per flyer.

Why pay 89 for card when paper will do?

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 11 December 2003
If you have an 'Office World' near you they do A4 copies for 4p on the self service machine. ('Staples' could be a similar price). You can get 1,000 copied for 23.50 (inc vat) at their print desk.
Posted by Neil (wylie), 11 December 2003
I agree that Paper "does the job" but how often do you get a cheap photocopied flyer through your door? and do you ever read them?
I have found that Quality speaks for its self People take the trouble to read a Quality flyer and not just chuck it straight into the bin.
I got excellent results from flyers so the only doors I had to knock were the ones I knew were already interested.
Quality every time for me as it represents the type of service I offer!!!!!!!!

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 12 December 2003
same here i found by spending a little on glossy paper then doing a tripple open flier works better than a 1 piece black and white if you spend 15-30 pounds on paper and ink you could get that back easily on 100 fliers i have never knocked once and have 300 residential costemers between 7and 100 ponds per 4 wkly and also commercial business will chuck straight in the bin find out the name of the facilities manager and personally send to them i done this and got 10,000 worth of work using high reach pure water poles also our van is sign written,people say not to do this but it does look more proffesional and have emborided uniforms been trading scince may and already have formula 1 building,and the second largest food manufacturer in world so shiny leaflets work well the windows you clean there friends and neighbours soon come ringing
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 14 December 2003
I have always gone for the cheapest possible option. I have a simple design just my name, Window Cleaner and phone number.
I have it laid out so that it comes out four times on an A4 page ( thats A6 size).
I hunted around and can get it photocopied for 28 per thousand on A4.
I cut it into fours myself and that gives me 4000 fliers for 28.
My advise is go for the easy option. They work just as well as the fancy stuff.  

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