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Big job 4me

Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
Its in the south west of the uk.I have been asked to supply a major shop with a quote.Their are approx 800 windows inside and 800 outside that need to be done.I only ever do Residential and have no idea how to price this up fairly, could someone please help me out on this and possibly if they would be interested in taking this on 4 me if i get the go ahead.....I must say what an excellent site you have here,I have only been doing this job for 10months so ive still a lot to learn and i think this will help me no end.Thankyou
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 13 December 2003
Hi Paul
Out of interest what sort of windows are they, bays, Panels, Georgian etc
I have just won a 6 property contract and one of the buildings I had to put a quote in for had 900 individual Georgian windows to be cleaned inside and out, end up doing on a day rate of about 260. Per clean for 2X 11hr day. This work is just what you need this time of year.
If you put on a day rate give yr self plenty of time and a bit easier to price too


Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
They are straight forward windows, ie just shop windows.I probably could do it in 1 day with another lad, but i was thinking about 50 to 60p per window x 1600 windows=8-900 would i then include the VAT thanks
Posted by matt (matt), 13 December 2003
where to are you in the sw Huh
Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 13 December 2003
just outside Bristol the job is
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 14 December 2003
hi we do second largest food company in worlds office 1,400 windows and 76 feet up using pure water fed poles we charge day rate three days x 2 men 1,800 per 4 weekly
Posted by paul (paul), 14 December 2003
price the job on a day rate with a bit extra for travelling/fuel etc Shocked
Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 15 December 2003
I am just South of Bristol if you need some help with this contract.
Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 15 December 2003
Mick to be honest im not sure i want the job anyway.Myself and the lad i have working for me could do the job ourselves, But if you would be interested in doing it if we dont please give me your price and i will seriously consider subbing it out to i said i dont have the measurements but in total their are 1426 paines of glass all different sizes, its at the front of a shop.It would need to be done on a Sunday afternoon when closed.I just think this job is a little to big for me a present so if i can Sub it out and still make a profit im interested.
Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 15 December 2003
Hi Paul
I will need to have a chat so my email is
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 15 December 2003
Hi Paul,

if its the big Asda Walmart at Cribbs Causway you're talking about, well I was in there a few months ago and the guys they had window cleaning looked like a right old motley crue!

No pouches, scrims, applicators or squeegees.  They had SPONGES! with water so soapey they must've emptied about 5 bottles of fairy into it!

One was working while about 4 others stood around their battered old van smoking and looking grim.

After having that lot, I bet if you just turn up and look halfway professional, they wont mind what you charge!


Posted by Paulcoz33 (Paulcoz33), 16 December 2003
Silly no its no walmart, but what would i charge for 1426 paines to be cleaned anyway what would they get paid to do cribbs causeway

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