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Acoustic tile cleaning

Posted by endresult (endresult), 26 February 2004
Hello it's me again wanting advice, I have cleaned pub carpet today and customer asked if I would consider cleaning the ceiling, which is acoustic tiles. It is filthy with nicotine etc, does anyone do this type of work, if so can you let me know the best equipment, chemicals and most importantly how much to charge. As I do a lot of places with these tiles I think it may well be a good add on service.......
Thanks in advance
Davy (end result)

Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 26 February 2004
Did a seminar last week at Amtech UK and the topic came up. They demonstrated spraying the tiles with microsplitters and leaving. The formula allows soil to break up and the tiles then absorb. This leaves the surface much cleaner and with the mist applied it can be done a 2nd time on stubborn areas.
You would want to use One Step or Solutions UK chemicals for this process.
Posted by Tony_Browning (Tony_Browning), 26 February 2004
I'll Second that....
Please let us know how you get on...i'm looking for an opportunity to demonstate this process and would like to know how effective it is.
Posted by Eric (Eric), 26 February 2004

Would the same theory work on metal perforated tiles, I suppose you would have to wipe them over after. Its just I never thought of using micro splitters before on ceiling tiles.


Posted by strakercleaning (strakercleaning), 26 February 2004
The demo i saw stated that accoustic tiles should not be wiped as they may dissolve/crumble. The metal struts joining tiles could be wiped so i assume the same could be said of metallic tiles. Microsplitters go onto surface as a VERY fine mist so should be simple to avoid runs and water droplets on walls.
Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 26 February 2004
Hi Guys when cleaning metal perforated tiles use a micro splitting solution mixed with water and apply using a window clleaning applicator, then rinse/ remove using clean water and a second applicator extending poles help, having spent one weekend cleaning 3000meters I can also advise your neck will ache!!  

very effective and can be a fairly lucrative job to boot, works exceptionally well on nicotine damaged ceilings, the chemical can also be boosted!! I can advise if sent a PM

Best regards Nick Grin Grin
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 26 February 2004
Using the micro splitting agents would one need to cover all furnishings? As the product I have used in the past itís a must and itís can be lethal (bleaching agent)


Posted by nick.solution (nick.solution), 26 February 2004
Hi Len

When ceiling cleaning all precautions should be taken to protect items form falling debris/ over spray, however bleaching is not normally and issue when working in offices its normally electrical equipment and paperwork you need to protect, cover sheets can be moved as you progress through the area.

Best regards Nick
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 26 February 2004

Those peroxides are not the best sort of rain - and don't you feel silly in a shower cap  Grin

Although micro-splitters are less harmfull, and the quantity apllied to the ceiling is small, some 'drizle' is enevitable, so whilst I would worry  less about carpets, the only safe answer is to cover everything regardless.

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 26 February 2004
Nick and John thanks for the feedback.

John itís not just the shower cap I feel silly in, but the rest of the gear I wear, it looks like Iím on my way home in an astronauts suit, my motto be safe not sorry.


Posted by endresult (endresult), 27 February 2004
Thanks for all the replies I have the chance to buy a von schrader ceiling cleaning system (second hand £250), anyone know anything about themHuhHuh.

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