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Contract covering

Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 25 February 2004
i have an opportunity to cover a contract for 1 week for a golf course.
It will be

2 staff for 2 hours per night

How would you recommend I price this up. It will be my 1st attempt so any help would be great


Martin Cool
Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 25 February 2004
Huh..I`d like to know what the others are getting paid....if you feel you can cover for that price then just do it at that....

If they won`t tell you what the others are getting for the job......put a silly price in....nothing lost..nothing gained and all that...

If you can find out and think you could still make a profit doing it cheaper why don`t you tender for the thing on a full time basis....
Posted by Fox (Fox), 25 February 2004
Hi Martin

Sorry to put a dampner on but is this worth it for one week only? Undecided  Do you think you will get the chance to tender for the job if you provide cover? If so then it may be worth it.

Would you employ people for just one week to cover it or do it yourself?  Are they providing the equipment/chemicals or will you have to take this to site? Is it Monday to Friday?

Anyway for this job because it is cover I would put a price in at around 200, but then again that does depend on the answers to the above question.


Posted by martin_606 (martin_606), 25 February 2004
Hi tnks for the respone so far.

Yes, i am hoping to do a good job and get the full contract, nothing ventured etc.

the wages alone would be 196 (4 man hours, 7 p/h = 28 per 2 hour shift) + ins + materials + profit.

I will ask what they are being charged, they may tell me as i have met them once and got on quite well.

any more help/ advide would be great.

Thanks again guys


Martin Cool
Posted by Fox (Fox), 25 February 2004
Hi Martin

Well you've answered my question - a seven day contract.  I was basing my pricing on a Mon - Fri contract and using the materials on site.

Is this contract in house?  Just wondering why they would want cover if they are using a contractor.  If they are in house they would only be able to tell you the hourly rate they pay the cleaners.

Good luck with it and hope you get the contract.

Posted by Les (Les), 25 February 2004
Good point Fox,
we were asked to cover for a local school whilst their caretaker/cleaner was off sick. That lasted 18 months !! Shocked
We didn't charge enough and little schoolchildren don't tend to be very domesticated.... Roll Eyes so we decided to up the price to a more realistic figure, but still not as much as we were charging elsewhere. The school said, "but we only pay our cleaner 5 per hour". Cry
Had to explain that's why they couldn't find a replacement + it wasn't really 5 as they had to pay for, equipment, chemicals, consumables, sicness, holidays, overtime, absenteeism, pension, NIC's etc.  Shocked I trust the person we were talking to wasn't Head of Maths  Grin
Needless to say we left, (our decision). I later met the new man who was the grandad of a pupil. He didn't know how to work the polisher, what chemicals did what or how he would ever get all the work done in the time allowed, (2 hrs per day)
Hey Ho  Wink
Posted by Fox (Fox), 26 February 2004
Hi les

Funny how people can lack common sense!  When I was involved in domestic cleaning I continually got phone calls saying 'the cleaners were only here for two hours - I pay for four'.

Trying to explain that two cleaners at 2hrs each equaled 4 person hours was a nightmare!

I find the same with some staff trying to explain how being paid a week in arrears work.  Could pull my hair out times!  Roll Eyes


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