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cleaning solution

Posted by LIAMS_DAD (LIAMS_DAD), 31 July 2003
what works best when cleaning windows? I've seen special window cleaning stuff, tryed washing up liquid, been told allsorts of old wives tales such as lemon juice, vinigar, & newspaper
Posted by nige (nige), 31 July 2003
ive used fairy liquid for 12 years but recently tried ungers liquid (got a bottle free with order)and its ok it smells nice and is supposed to be more friendly on your hands ect only problem is it seems alot dearer than fairy so ill probably carry on using it,worth trying other stuff though hope this helps Roll Eyes
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 31 July 2003
gave up on fairy several years made my hands sore and leaves residue. glimmer is a nice all round window solution. it cuts through fly crap and grease easily. works out under 2 a litre so not bad price. just got a free sample of gg4. 5 a litre meant to be the dogs. let you know saturday night what its like
Posted by Squeegee_Board (Squeegee_Board), 1 August 2003
Ungers Liquid is the best i have come across, but it is expensive.
I tend to use it only on commercial jobs and stick to Persil liquid on private jobs or real dirty windows.
Fairy liquid tends to leave you with more work as the soap is really thick and mopping up the suds after is a real chore.

Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 3 August 2003
gg4 well i used it on saturday on a hotel complex. where do i start took a little while 20 minutes to get used to the slide of the sqeegee, it so was smooth.
after that it realy performed well hardly any detailing work needed so cut 30 minutes of the job time. i was very impressed. trying it out on a pub tomorrow to see what its like on the insides
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 14 September 2003
I've been using gg4 for about six months, and customers still rave on how clean I get their windows to look. A nightclub I clean for are impressed with it on their mirrors too. I can't praise it enough.
I used unger liquid and was impressed until i used gg4.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 14 September 2003
We have been using GG4 for about the last 3 months. It takes a bit of getting used to but once you get used to it ,It gives excellent results Cheesy

Steve Lowe
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 16 September 2003
I've been using GG4 for 2 years now. One hiccup it leaves the glass cleaner for longer. Well it does in Mallorca anyway. I was considering dropping it, as repeat business drops. Now I focus on quality and up my price. It works out cheaper than fairy at the dilution rate-get the dispenser bottle.
No I'm not a rep. Please note GG4 is for hard water areas, GG3 for soft.
Cheers, Karl. Cool

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