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Rubber marks on vinyl floors

Posted by RJ (RJ), 21 July 2003
does anyone have any ideas on how to shift black rubber marks from vinyl flors
Posted by samy31 (samy31), 22 August 2003
white spirts a little on cloth and rub it off sam
Posted by Clean_Waterless (Clean_Waterless), 27 August 2003

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Posted by ellen (ellen), 29 October 2003
If they won't buff out with a red or blue pad (dry) try just damp mopping them then buff over.
I get scuff marks from chidren's school shoes in my contracts and some cannot be removed by mopping or by dry buffing but the above method removes 99 % of them- as most of the marks are from rubber soles it might work-and you won't damage the finish on the floor which white spirit might.
Posted by mr_sheen (mr_sheen), 29 October 2003
try this get your self a pencil rubber and this will do the job just fine
Mr Sheen

Posted by petra (petra), 29 October 2003
What a good idea, I think Mr Sheen must watch the cleaning Queen on GMTV......
PS. Great Idea realy will try it. keep you posted
Posted by DP (DP), 30 October 2003
You can also use artist rubbers which come in a variety of sizes (up to 2" wide) and shapes and textures. They are like a paint brush but with the rubber instead of the bristles.

I know a lot of leather repairers carry a set of these for removing those stubborn scuff marks from shoes around the base of chairs etc rather then chemicals and they last for ever, also good for a number of other uses.

NO not that type of use, only professional use  Embarassed

Posted by petra (petra), 30 October 2003
gtlad to see some humor around
Posted by Perry_White (Perry_White), 6 November 2003
I Know Express have just started selling a rubber-headed broom that's very good for black rubber marks - seen it in action and it brings the marks off easily, just leaves the scuffmark behind which your polisher will sort out. They're about twelve quid.
Posted by (, 11 November 2003
We find in school's this to be a major problem. 50% of the black shoe marks can be got out by the cleaner wearing non-marking soles and rubbing their feet on the black mark (makes you look a bit stupid doing it though).

To find a real answer to this problem would help lot of school caretakers out. The rubber-headed broom sounds a good idea, does it work anyone?
Posted by Perry_White (Perry_White), 11 November 2003
Yes it does work, I've seen it in action. Wink
Posted by (, 12 November 2003
Thanks Perry, I might just give that a go. I'll certainly tell some of my fellow caretakers about it.
Posted by David_Lang (David_Lang), 13 November 2003
The problem is not so much removing the marks, but why they got there!

Ususal cause is insufficient polish and insufficient buffing.

Another 2 coats of high solids polish and increased buffing and you won;t get black heel marks in the first place.


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