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window cleaning software

Posted by ajwindows (ajwindows), 21 July 2003
Has anyone used the software thats available for window cleaners (George!!!)
Is it any good
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 21 July 2003
I've never actually used it but, as you get a 3 month free trial, it has to be worth giving it a go!

Posted by georgesystems (georgesystems), 27 July 2003
Hi Guys

"Is it any good?"

Why not visit our User Group at

and ask the people who use it...

Paul Sanders
George Systems

Posted by Shining_Windows (Shining_Windows), 27 July 2003
Hello there, I have just downloaded the trial version of George the Window Cleaner’s Assistant....Mmmmm


Registration is a little more than desired, but the first 3 months of the trial version is free....

This software hopefully will make everything quick & simple
Posted by georgesystems (georgesystems), 27 July 2003

"Registration is a little more than desired" - but it does include a copy of PocketGeorge which allows you to transfer your WorkLists and Debts to an inexpensive Palm handheld and update your records each day with a single keypress.

That's worth the asking price on it's own!

Paul Sanders
George Systems

Posted by STEVE71163 (STEVE71163), 7 September 2003
We have been using George and pocket George for about 2 years now and i think it is unbelievable value for money. You also get lifetime support as well.  Smiley
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 14 September 2003
with this software steve can you print out your accounts weekly? jods done expenses etc and toals at the bottom
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 14 September 2003
Go into reports and then finance reports and i think that will do it Smiley


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