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Oven Cleaning

Posted by Pristine_Cleaning (Pristine_Cleaning), 28 March 2004
Hi All,

Can anyone recommend an oven cleaning chemical that I can use to professionally clean customers ovens.

I am thinking of offering it as a service to my customers and I want to start with the right cleaning chemicals to do the job.


Posted by Les (Les), 29 March 2004
Hi John,
If you type in 'Oven Cleaning' under the search facility, I believe you will find another of previous posts on the subject.
It can be hard and dirty work  Cry so make sure you charge enough.
Best regards
Les  Smiley
Posted by adl (dave555), 29 March 2004
call Dave at UK Cleaning Supplies on 01772 432708 he does a lot of industrial oven cleaning and also stocks oven cleaners and degreasers

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