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Posted by lea_kay (lea_kay), 16 March 2004
Please help does anyone know of a non oil based steel cleaning chemical as i have tried loads of oil based and my cleaners arent buffing up enough.
also is there a quick way of removing old chemicals and water marks from brushed steel dispensers
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 16 March 2004
Hi Lea

Brushed stainless steel cleans extremely well with Microfibre Cloths and water. They may struggle to remove a severe build up of chemicals and water marks but once you've got them to a good standard its the easiest (and probably cheapest) way of keeping them clean.


Posted by garyj (garyj), 16 March 2004
Try Nick at Solutions, 0870 112 3691. His stainless steel cleaner is amazing.

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