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Advice on Starting Office Cleaning Biz!

Posted by wophie (wophie), 15 January 2004
Hello all,

This is my first post and was hoping I could get some adviceSmiley

I currently work in sales, and have indictaions that I will be made redundant by April. I earn good money but dont really enjoy my job. However I now have a certain level of credit commitments e.g. mortgage meaning I cant drop in wage too much.
Im thinking about taking a different track if I am made redundant and starting a business office cleaning. I would like to know how you guys price this. I did a search and see a post that says £15 per unit - can someone explain to me what that means? I did office & domestic cleaning for 2 years when I was a student so know the basics of how much time simple things take like clearing everyones mug from their desks and emptying 50 bins!  Im not afraid to work hard and do the cleaning myself until I have built up a few clients etc. Im wondering what my earning potential would be / hourly rate etc? By the way I live Surrey / Hants borders as I know location is probably an influence on pricing.

Is it also the norm to supply the vacumns/ loo rolls/ dishwasher tablets/ cleaning products? Or is this normally just for larger offices?

Any advice you can give I would be grateful of.


Posted by lee_gundry (lee_gundry), 15 January 2004
the going rate around furness-cumbria is £7.50 per man hour for general office cleaning.

Lee Gundry
Posted by wophie (wophie), 15 January 2004
Hi Lee,

Thanks for the reply - is that £7.50 ph that the cleaning business would charge or what the cleaner is paid? I presume the former ,yes?!

I need to earn 3 times that ph - can this be done easily through any form of cleaning?

Posted by Ian_G. (Ian_Gourlay), 15 January 2004
Look at carpet cleaning and see what some of the guys are earning.
Posted by Les (Les), 15 January 2004
Blimey, Is that rate of £7.50 prior to staff wage, NIC's , overheads, your own wages, tax  Cry, profit etc. etc. The cost of living must be very low if it is Smiley
Posted by petra (petra), 15 January 2004
and I thought £10 per hour on domestic sites was cheap....get tough I did after joining this forum raised prices from £7 to£ 10 over the past few months.
But Commercials vary, but are alot more.

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