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Window cleaning manuals?

Posted by Service_Champion (Service_Champion), 15 September 2003
Hi everyone, spotted a number of window cleaning manuals on Ebay.
They list a number of pointers to starting your own business.

Are they worth the money or is it a load of crap.
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Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 15 September 2003
Why buy manuals when you have the experience of everybody in this forum.

At the end of the day you find customers, and charge them enough for you to make a living.

All other hints and tips can be found reading past questions on forums like this, or if not ask a question.
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 15 September 2003
a free manual american but most applies
Posted by Andrew (Andrew), 17 September 2003
The most valuable window cleaning manual for a UK window cleaner is the City & Guilds - BICS publication:  NVQ Window and Facade Cleaning.  This publication is based on what are known as National Occupational Standards - standards created under the oversight of the Cleaning Industry National Training Organisation in conjuction with the main players in the UK window cleaning industry.  The publication doesn't read the way most manuals do, but explains what the end results of any activity should be and the scope of activities which are available to reach the required out come.

Andrew from Edu-Clean
Posted by SqueegeMan (SqueegeMan), 17 September 2003
Where can I buy this manual?
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 17 September 2003
Contact the British Institute of Cleaning Science on 01604-678710 and i think they will be able to help you.

Hope this helps!

Steve Lowe
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 17 September 2003
If you see 'Taking the Pane out of Window Cleaning' on EBay buy it, it's a pretty good start up book.

Otherwise join the NATIONAL FEDERATION OF MASTER WINDOW & GENERAL CLEANERS 0161 432 8754, well worth the money and a mine of information, yours for the asking!
Posted by Andrew (Andrew), 29 September 2003

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 Re: Window cleaning manuals?
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Where can I buy this manual?  

I understand from a reliable source that those who followed the suggestion to contact BICS did so but to no avail.  We had similar problems in the past with NVQ Window and Facade Cleaningand so began to carry the publication ourselves. I dont want to be seen to be commercialising the forum so i wont go into the cost and how to purchase etc but if anyones wants a copy feel free to call 0113 2570337, or email to

Best wishes,

Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 30 September 2003
Look on the website for IWCA ( International window cleaners assn )

They have a number of manuals that they sell. Some of them are about business techniques as well as cleaning.
Some of it is areal eye opener.
There,s a lot more to window cleaning than you might think.
Posted by Andrew (Andrew), 15 October 2003
For those not using USA forums thought you might like to know about  this:


Finally a book about window cleaning bidding.

224 pages of the know-how to increase your profits and bid with

confidence.Helps to figure out how much to charge

Written by John Baxter 20 year window cleaning veteran and past

director for the iwca

No more will new window cleaners need to stress over their window

cleaning estimate.

Now our new book straight talk about window cleaning bidding,

takes the guess work out of effective window cleaning bidding.

You will learn how to bid:

- Residential window cleaning

- Storefront window cleaning

- Mid rise window cleaning

- High-Rise window cleaning

- Post construction window cleaning

- And more.

Includes a check list of questions that should be answered

for houses, storefronts,mid rise and high rise.

Four different ways to bid

houses, storefronts,mid rise and high rise.

A sense of proper bidding that will earn more profit

Answers to tough bidding questions

Please note i have not seen the book myself yet and also that USA bidding is different to Europe's - however the princples of the subject still apply.  seems like an interesting read at least Smiley

To obtain go to:

Andrew from Edu-Clean

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