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Posted by mogs (mogs), 26 February 2004
just wondering guys how often do u all clean the bathroom windows r any smoked glass?

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 26 February 2004
Every time, mate!

At least three reasons why you should never "bump" bog windows . . .

1) Even if it's smoked glass, bird stuff will still be seen from inside!
2) Most bogs have the window behind the WC, and what else is there to do when the man of the house is standing having a pee? Look at the windows and study the bird stuff, runs from the top, and lines down the sides which have been there for the past two cleans, of course!
3) A neighbour sees you and your ladder going right past the bog window and spreads the word that you're not doing the full job!

Of course, none of this counts if you give a refund for the missed window Wink
Posted by mogs (mogs), 26 February 2004
well i do look for the bird poo, clean if any there. tho i do them every second r third wash!! as far as the nosey neighbours go i know who they r & most ask for there windows to be done every now & again, (not anymore).
i dont skip them i just dont do em all the time unless they full of poo!!
Posted by stephen (stephen), 26 February 2004
the cleaners were i live do not do the bathroom windows thats why i have got most of there work now. it only takes 2 mins to do them and keeps the custumers can still see the muck from the inside when not done .  what would you do if your cleaner missed your bathroom windows sack him and get someone else. dont be lazy do them.
Posted by Rick (Rick), 26 February 2004
i agree. they almost have to be "seen to be done".
Posted by mickeyfat (VGC), 26 February 2004
I ask the customer when i take the job on ...i knock a pound off for batrooms and a pound for  normal 7 pound house can be got down to 4quid and you can then fly through them...if im cleaning the bathrooms i know im getting paid for it and the rich customer knows they are having a  first class job

Posted by fez (fez), 26 February 2004
I do them every time but I don't do as much detailing.
Posted by matt (matt), 26 February 2004
every other time here

mne havent been done for 2 months now, the clear glass is dirty, BUT you cannot tell on the obscured, its impossible to tell
Posted by mogs (mogs), 26 February 2004
yeah evry other time here also

Posted by Neil (wylie), 27 February 2004
on 02/26/04 at 22:54:10, matt wrote:
every other time here

mne havent been done for 2 months now, the clear glass is dirty, BUT you cannot tell on the obscured, its impossible to tell

Sorry but I dont agree with you!
I have just come out of my bathroom and the glass (frosted) is filthy (just like the rest of my house lol)
No mattert what type of glass it is, in the right light you CAN tell when its not been cleaned.
Your customers maybe dont tell you but you can be sure they will be telling everyone else.
Is your reputation worth an extra few quid a day?
Posted by matt (matt), 27 February 2004
it depends on the glass though, and as you said the light, the few i leave (and its not them all) they are normally down the side of the house, with no direct sunlight,

i really dont think they can tell
Posted by matt (matt), 27 February 2004
i tell you why i dont think they can tell

as if they could, they would tell me "oh you missed that window" as on the odd occasion ive missed a window, they are allways VERY quick to tell me
Posted by lbcleaning (lbcleaning), 2 March 2004
When taking on a new house I always try to do a 'survey' of all the windows with the customer. If there are any I think I may not be able to get too due to safety reasons, I refuse to do them. The customer then knows what they can expect to be cleaned for their money. If one of these is the bathroom then thats the only reason I won't clean it.

Being honest from the start always ensures a good relationship with the customer, and then they have no reason to say I have only been doing half a job because I didn't do a window that they expected to be cleaned.
Posted by replacement (Justin R), 2 March 2004
Yeah do them all i picked up 3 jobs today due to the old window cleaner missing windows. I also have a good look with the customer and walk round the house to make sure whats what and to agree a price, i also hand them an information sheet about WFP i use and so far no complaints but then again only started a few weeks back.

At the moment i am loving it with the window cleaners here i get customers moaning about missed windows all the time and they are sure the window cleaner think there got round windows cos they never do the corners. This is all good news for myself.

You only have urself to blame when you lose work.

Posted by Silly_Philly (Philip Hanson), 3 March 2004
Its okay to miss out windows, as long as you have told the customer that you're going to do that.

Some windows I have are so awkward I miss them out.  But I tell the customers thats going to happen!

I used to know someone who never did any bathrooms, ever!  As far as I know nobody complained, but I would feel guilty for not doing them.


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