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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.


Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 3 November 2003
Are there any special tools for doing gutters quickly?

What are the safety aspects to look out for?

What are people charging?
Posted by johnny_warrington (johnny_warrington), 3 November 2003
we clean about 5-8 gutters aday,most of my time is spent gutter cleaning,things to watch out for
april to october i work by myself the winter months i get one of our window cleaner to hold ladder trust me ive come of twice (scary)
the best bit of kit ive got is using drain rods with a dropend the one i use is quite small a few inches wide brillant if there is conservatories ,you only have to move your ladder once or twice.its saved me about half the time.
Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 4 November 2003
Thanks for the info-I tried it on my own gutters which were pretty clogged up & it works a treat!!
Presumeablky you have someone at the bottom because the ladder is resting on the gutter & more likely to slip?
Posted by johnny_warrington (johnny_warrington), 4 November 2003
i never rest on the gutter if possible always try to postion your ladder so that there is no window below just incase the ladder slips if the ladder does slip your will only scrap the brick work

heres me giving advice when ive just broken a window yesterday morning,felt completley stupid it was very windy thats why i advise on two people working in the bad months,not to worry ive a friend whose a glazer,and i went back today to finish cleaning the gutter 25/and i had the cheek to give him a quote for painting,so trying to recover my lose.

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