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Diesel Truckmount

Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 22 February 2004

Has anyone out their got a Woodbidge Diesel Truckmount, or tried one out.

I am looking at ordering a truckmount from someone as my last attempt ended in failure. After giving them nearly two months to come up with one, they tell me they forgot to order it! Could you imagine being given an order for £16,000 and then tell the customer you forgot about it. So much for customer service

Posted by Glynn (Glynn), 22 February 2004
Hydramaster Maxx 450 diesel
Posted by lee_gundry (lee_gundry), 22 February 2004
Hydramaster †Maxx 450 Di
Hydramaster Lightning 470

Lee G
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 22 February 2004
Hi Catman

I understand they are good machines, but Iíve been told the run off the van diesel supply and some have had them converted to run on paraffin, donít know why, they should have gone down the red diesel side cheaper separate tank of causes.

The ones I have seen have the exhaust going though the roof of the van, wont comment on that.

Re forgot to order it please quantify was it the dealer or the importer?

Question is there a totally British manufacture of truck mount?

Glynn/LEE he asked about Woodbridge you donít know if was your supplier forgot to order, that why Iím asking him to quantify his statement, this is no refection on you system or any other.


Posted by Lee (Lee), 22 February 2004
I have total faith in the suppliers of the Maxx and Lightning machine, although I did ask myself for a demo of the other system afore mentioned and they forgot all about me too. John in London if your reading, Im still waiting for the details of the tool i wanted to buy from them too, still its only been 2 and a half weeks.
Posted by Shaun_Ashmore (Shaun_Ashmore), 22 February 2004
Steve Knight has a hydramaster 450 and Barry Buckley has a lightening and both are delighted with their purchases, heard a lot of bad news about Woodbridge machines but you only hear about it when they go wrong!

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 22 February 2004
Sorry no John, there are far more qualified people in this game than me and I would be the first to give them a standing aviation and thatís not patronising to them who contribute too this board!

English was not best subject at school and probably isnít now but I pick up on key words/phrases, if I see danger or foolishment I will advise.


Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 23 February 2004
Sorry previous post does not apply wrong section

This doseís  
Sorry Iím only trying to be devils advocate here I know that the equipment you have and the service is unsurpassed but I think Catman still has to quantify **** service statement.  I think I know who some of you are referring too, if itís the same, Iíve no love for them ether, they are the most autocratic, bombastic and some more company Iíve ever had to deal with, but isnít what this forum about but to give advise that way we make our judgement decisions. If Catman can/will name the company as my previous post requested, who forgot to order and if itís the same I will add my two pennies worth then hopefully the will get there act in order.


Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 23 February 2004

Do be confused because i said diesel. The original one I ordered was petrol. I only started looking at the diesel after realising Hydramaster did one and then surfed the net.

Just on looks the Woodbridge does look like something thats been put togeather in a school metalwork class.

I won't name the company to spare their blushes, but it wasn't Prochem, Chemspec or, Hydramaster, who's marketing bump is excellant.

That only leaves one other, come on fellas  

Has anyone ever decided to but direct from the states. I was looking at the Hydramaster diesel, it's list price in this country with a pile of extras including VaT is £21500. In the states including delivery to the UK £16000.

Posted by Lee (Lee), 23 February 2004
They will not sell u one because Cleanmaster UK hold the Franchise, besides after paying import duty, delivery and VAT u wont find it benificial. on the diesel side my last machine was a Maxx 450 diesel and it was an excellent machine with superb backup, and very few problems.
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 23 February 2004

Lee hit it on the nail all the well know US manufactures have franchisees or setting up franchisees in the UK, itís not in their interest to sell to a privateer, although it can be done but itís a right pain, why donít you try to negotiate with the UK dealers that you will pay in USD itís very good a this moment but act quickly as the £ to $ will go down soon.

Lee nice web site


Posted by Lee (Lee), 23 February 2004
Thanks Len, just wish it was bringing in the business it deserves,( investment wise) we're a bit slow catching on to no confangled contraptions here in Wales.
Posted by des (des), 23 February 2004
Hi catman
phone me tomorrow if you need to know about a woodbridge des at mister clean  07971840492 Lips Sealed
Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 24 February 2004

The cost, RRP ,in the states for a 450Maxx D is $18,695 dollars. Which equates to £9839. In this country it comes out at £13,995.

Deliverey equates to around £1200
Vat you will pay on both.

Import Duties. I once spoke to a T/M salesman who said "oh import duties will cripple you, and it won't work out that cheap". I heard the same story when I bought a car in Holland. I checked with HM Customs & Excise, and they tell me that machinery of this type has a duty of 1.7%.

That then works out at £11226.  There is an even grater saving to be had on hoses and reel. eg 50' of hose comes out at about £42. Here it's £100.

The problem will be getting an independant to supply. Steambrite who do T/M's will do it, but don't do a diesel.

If you take a look at some sites in the US there are some major differences in price

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