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round for sale in bedfordshire

Posted by dean1979 (dean1979), 21 December 2003
Smiley If anyone is interested I am selling a residential round in mid beds , just above luton. It takes about three days aweek 9am-2pm for me to do (i am slow as i havent been doing it long). Generates about 900+ every four weeks. Lovely little number, looking for offers around 2500 - 3000. Is this over priced? or is it fair.
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 21 December 2003
Hi Dean,

Just some advice regarding the price of your work:

The usual going rate would be about 2.5 x the monthly value.  However, if the work is very good maybe 3 or 3.5x at the most.

According to my calculations, your work is worth about 15 per hour

(5hrs a day for 3 days X 4 weeks = 60 hrs for 900
therefore 900/60hrs = 15 per hour)

This is okay, but a little below average for the south of England i'd say.  I just bought some more work thats about 22 per hour for 3x its monthly value.

So I think you'd be pushing it to get more than 2500 for such work. But, hey if someone will pay more, good luck to you sir!


P.S. 9am to 2pm??!!! Call that a work day?!! you could get it all done in two  7.5 hr days if you tried!

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