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`Dog-Eared` Channels Technical Part Two.

Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 9 April 2004
Well fella`s it looks like a lot of you have been putting this business into  practise(and with
not just good but excellent results if some of the mail is anything to go by) No one though
so far has come forward with doing what I suggested in an earlier mail.If ya don`t the job is
only barely half done!! This is I feel best done with brass or aluminium channels.Get a junior
hacksaw(or standard hacksaw fine teeth) cut out a 1/4 of an inch square at the end of each
channel.File down any `burrs` ya might etc. etc. Then put your rubber approx. 1/16ths of
an inch over your `new` end and `dog -ear` as normal.If your using a teeth grip or spring loaded
handle your ready to go.Any other either you have to `cheat` in a brass end clip or just slightly
`nip` the ends with a pair of pliers to stop the rubber from moving around......Bingo!!!!  Now
ya can really fly on!  I need your clothes,your boots,and your motor cycle!!! ( quote from
Terminator Two Judgement Day by Arnold Swazennager) A member of the public said that to
me,so I`m passing it on to you lot.

Lewis Doubtfire, Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by premier_yorkshire (premier window cleaners), 9 April 2004
can i have a pic of that please?
Posted by dave0123 (dave0123), 9 April 2004
me as well please
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 9 April 2004
I`ll try again ,here goes.Top of channel business part facing you when your squeegee is
on the glass right? Cut a section (junior hacksaw) 10 millimeters in from the end,and square off.
File and smooth any rough parts.Then `dog-ear` as normal.Set your rubber approx. 4
millimeters out of your `new`cut `end`. That leaves approx. 6 millimeters to the end of your
channel.(Obviously do this at both ends of channel) That 6 millimeters approx.leaves room
for the moulding on the frame.To alter because of different widths of mouldings ya just `tilt`
the squeegee accordingly when working,to the best advantage etc.If your using a non rubber
grip squeegee handle to hold the rubber in place ya have to `cheat` in a brass end clip and make
allowences etc for the 6 millimeters.Either that or `crimp` channel with a pair of pliers.I`m trying
to do away with end clips and crimping and putting an `end plug` in,preferably plastic.Been into
B@Q also car auto places but no luck.The Key Industries catalouge or any eqivalant,there is
something out there that will do the job.You could use an appropriate size rawl plug with a plastic
or nylon screw,just taking the screw out when rubber changing etc.
I can fully envisage,the power of the internet being as it is,the leading manufactureres actually
producing squeegees ready made in this manner(obviously more professionally made because of their tooling up facilities) in perhaps two to three years time,possibly less.
Almost forgot. With windows with no mouldings,simply `dog-ear` with rubber `flush` with channel
end,or protuding just slightly. I think the amount that ya `dog-ear` the angle over is personal preference.
On a last note,the 10,6,and 4 millimeters measurements are that too can come down to personal  preferences,due to tollerancy.

Lewis Doubtfire ( Blade Runner)

Posted by tom_currie (tom_currie), 9 April 2004
have u tried the unger green wedge
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 10 April 2004
Well fella`s I`ve explained it best I can.I possibly overdid it with the part about the
plastic and nylon plugs doing away with brass end clips.Forget about that,its a luxury,
not absolutley neccessary.Can`t send a picture,no digital camara.Don`t know wether
anyone else is doing this or not,there will be I guess,they just ain`t comin` forward thats
for sure.At least not on the groups.Take a print out,keep reading,ya do have to work and
figure it out for yourselves,I know you`ll be practising  with all your own `versions` etc. especially
over this easter holiday period. Ya` all will get there in the end,and when ya do you`ll realize
how simple it is. I`m amazed the leading manufactures ar`nt already on to it.In a week or so,
someone like Dennis Taylor with a camera will send down  the  finished article.

Lewis Doubtfire Gleem Clean (Blade Runner)

Posted by WavieDavie (WavieDavie), 10 April 2004

Any chance you could take some ordinary snaps of your "cutaway" version and get them scanned in and emailed to someone who can post them here?

At present, I think I'd need cutaways AND ordinary channels to cope with the different types of frames I find on my travels. Having said that, until I actually tried the "bent" dog-ears version I was a bit dubious about the whole dog-ears thing anyway!

More power to your hacksaw, old son. Have a Happy Easter.

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