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Window Cleaning Issues - Canvassing, pole systems, pricing, problems, etc.


Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 23 February 2004
Anyone on here from Yorkshire area
Posted by L.Doubtfire (L.Doubtfire), 23 February 2004

Posted by WINDYCLEANER (WINDYCLEANER), 24 February 2004
Yes Pete, i'm in East Yorkshire
Posted by SteveTruman (SteveTruman), 24 February 2004
Hey up Pete, North Yorkshire

Posted by Pete_Riley (Pete_Riley), 24 February 2004
Hey fellow Yorkies Im from Wakefield.
Posted by fez (fez), 24 February 2004
I'm from Harrogate, North Yorkshire.
Posted by stephen (stephen), 24 February 2004
hello i am in morley, leeds Grin
Posted by Rick (Rick), 24 February 2004
i've heard that residential window cleaning prices are sky high in Huddersfield. can anyone verify this?
Posted by stevey331 (stevey331), 29 March 2004
hiya lads
south  yorkshire  Shocked

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