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Getting Commercial Window Cleaning?

Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 9 October 2003
hi all.
Would anybody help me on how to get commercial window cleaning?
we have tried fliers.we have given out business cards weve even said on the first visit we will clean the inside free?what are we doing wrong?
am loo king for varied ways of getting commercial work mainly using high reach pure water.
residential probs git it comming out of ears but wondered how everyone else gets it?do you all have different ways.have aslo done the face to face approach.........the only way i find of getting any is to massivly under cut the others and by doing so losing out...all replies will be thankfully received

Posted by Northern_Cleaning (Northern_Cleaning), 9 October 2003
I watch out for new buildings being constructed and try for the builders clean then my foot is already in the door Roll Eyes

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