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left handed windowcleaning

Posted by rsaxon7 (rsaxon7), 12 October 2003
unger started making the "bucket on a belt" for right handed people ONLY. so, being left handed, i used to put the applicator in the wrong way around. i had to turn my wrist in a funny way and i got like a repetitive strain injury. so i had to start using the bucket on my right hand side. i'm now completely ambidexterous with all the gear, its great. now i've got the new style unger bucket, mine transparent though, not green (the woman who sold it to me gave me a free belt just cause the bucket was a different colour, they still do them in green as well). the new style on is made for both lefties and righties, but i still have it on my right. i sort of clean like this:

1. get applicator out with right and and pass it to left hand.

2. applicate window with left hand, pass applicator back to right hand and put it back in bucket.

3. get squeegee out with right hand and pass it to left hand, the get applicator out with right hand and 'catch' the water with it at the same time as i take the water off the window with the squeegee

4. put applicator away with right hand, then pass squeegee over from left to right hand then put away.

5. wipe all water of the windowsill with latex synthetic wash leather, then edge the window off with a scrim

any other lefty window cleaners do anything like this?

Posted by fez (fez), 12 October 2003
I'm a lefty, but I "shoot" from the left. I too started with a right-handed bucket on a belt and I'm (just about)ambidexterous.

I don't know how you manage to pass your tools back and forth on a ladder, it would drive me nuts!
Posted by The_Fed_Man (The_Fed_Man), 12 October 2003
Why don't you stick it in the middle at the front??  Grin Then you can shoot both ways!!!!

Seriously, if you've got to work with your left for injury reasons, load your gear to the left also.
Posted by rsaxon7 (rsaxon7), 12 October 2003
er......i do shoot both ways. if ya know what i mean? like, if a window is directly infront of me, then i'll just pass the ap/squeegee over to the left hand. but if a window is slightly to the right of me, then i'll just clean the window in exactly the same way as a right handed person would. the only reason for me sticking to the right handed bucket on a belt way is cause i use the applicator to 'catch' the water taken off the window. if you think about it, its almost impossible to do this if i have the bucket on a belt on my left side. so in a way, i would advise right handed folks to put the new style bucket on a belt on their left side. this way you'll soon be ambidexerous and also won't have to mop up a pint of water off the windowsill

and no, i don't have to work with my left for injury reasons. i'm left handed. its just that left handers using the old style unger buckets can't have the applicator the proper way, and they will have to turn their wrists around awkwardly to get it, thus eventually giving themselves a repetitive strain injury
Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 13 October 2003
I expect that Mr T shoots in both hands too!
Posted by Polepro (Polepro), 13 October 2003
Did anyone elses kids see Mr T bustin some moves on cbeebies recently! Never to young to be introduced to Terry and his 12"

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