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steam cleaning

Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 21 January 2004
i have been asked to steamclean a hotel ktchen ov "average size and dirt Undecided"

any advice Huh

oh and would a wallpaer striper with an attachment do the job?!! Huh
Posted by catrodney (catrodney), 22 January 2004
what advice are you seeking, how to execute the works?,whats involed?,H&S aspect.

dont recomend using wallpaper stripping plate will not generate enough heat,go for a commercial machine like a osprey with vac.  Wink Wink
Posted by petra (petra), 22 January 2004
why do they want it steam cleaned?
Definatly not one of thoes wall paper strippers.
Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 26 January 2004
well i did the job and she was very happy
i used a staemer with several attachments
she seemed happy enough Grin 50 cash

i used somthing like this and it took me an hour
whilst my mate did the window for 50 also

think ill staer clear and stick to the windows
Posted by Les (Les), 26 January 2004
I purchased a steam cleaner having watched the shopping channels on Sky, "WOW  Shocked That's AMAZING" !
( I didn't buy a 'Steam Genie') Grin
I wasn't impressed with the results and it now gathers dust in the shed, (probably need to steam clean it soon) Wink
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 27 January 2004
Winkyes mine is in the shed as well,they trick you with the results on TV,MINE DONT DO all the things they say they can Undecided Huh great idea waste of money Huh
Posted by woodman (woodman), 27 January 2004
Hi Guys

Don't bother with them, get Mike to send you the new catalogue from Express it has the' proper 'steam cleaners in it for what ever job you want to do. Wink
Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 27 January 2004
MIKE catalogue  P L E A SE  Roll Eyes

What a cool forum

all this nolig at the touch of a button .....better than skool Grin ;
Posted by Les (Les), 27 January 2004
Yeah got the catalogue, (just need the 'T' shirt) Grin
My steamer cost about 400, just don't do enough jobs that require it to pay 800+ for another, but thanks for the thought  Wink
Posted by Duplex_UK (Duplex_UK), 4 February 2004
We offer a range of commercial steam cleaners.

Below is a picture of the Jet Vac Major cleaning a large kitchen:

The Major has chemical injection, so a degreaser can be used for the toughest kitchen dirt.

Our range consists of steam only and vacuumated steamers. For detail visit For a demonstartion call 01227 771276 or email
Posted by Happyeater (Happyeater), 4 February 2004
Why are there no prices on the site?

Unless I just can't find them. I want to compare them to Osprey equipment.

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