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New window rounds always available in Coventry.

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 8 December 2003
Our canvassers are constantly working the Coventry area. Average 3 bedroom houses are priced at 2.50 front/ 5.00 front & back. Most jobs are fortnightly. All rounds are sold at the competitive price of 1.5 times the monthly income.

Anyone interested can contact us
on 024 7626 9879 or email
Posted by andy (andy), 8 December 2003
Hello! i might be interested, do you do any pay schemes? i could buy more then one round if you do.

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 8 December 2003
Sorry, no pay schemes. Could let you have as little as 50 worth at a time (for 75). Due to a successful advert in the Telegraph last thursday, I won't have anything available until next week. I am based under the arches on Holbrook Lane bridge and most of the work is on that side of the city. I have 10 years experience in window cleaning but my work is now 90% carpet & upholstery cleaning. If you are interested please contact me towards the end of next week. Thanks
Posted by andy (andy), 9 December 2003
so how many customer is that?

im definetly interested, will you be doing this for while as i would like to keep buying from you in the future if things go ok?

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 9 December 2003
10 customers @ 5 each. I'll be selling rounds for a few years yet. Where in Cov do you live?
Posted by andy (andy), 10 December 2003
i dont! but i have a window cleaner ready to window clean up there.  i live in london. im not going to window clean, im just going o run te business as i have other commitments as well.

Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 10 December 2003
well I hope you have a ready supply of workers, because as soon as they can they're gonna drop your work in favour of their own,  for which they won't have to pay you.  How will your customers like a different bod coming every time?

Also, what about collecting?  You gonna drive to cov every week?  Or trust someone else with the cash?

New customers got while doing the work? (who will they belong to? you or the worker?) And what about customers that you lose? Do you blame the worker?

I've seen this before, and it only works for a few months.  One guy gradually took over someone else's round while telling the owner the customers just said not to come anymore.

Wake up and smell the coffee.  People arent stupid, and to manage a round you need to be there.

Posted by andy (andy), 10 December 2003

Posted by Cov_Cleaner (Cov_Cleaner), 11 December 2003
I know what your saying Silly. I was considering renting out rounds rather than selling. I decided against it.

A nice regular income and/or an absolute nightmareHuh

I hope to move into other areas on a SALE basis. I wouldn't even feel very comfortable renting a round to my nextdoor neighbour - never mind a "collegue" 100 miles away!

Has anyone found rentals sucessful? Maybe theres a few tips/legal info that could be shared. I'm playing safe for now though!! It's always been a dodgy old business, try as we will, but we can't polish a turd!
Posted by pdhanson (Silly Philly), 11 December 2003
Hmm, maybe I was a bit harsh there andy!

I have heard of rounds being rented successfully, but it is a little more difficult than you might think.

If you were going to rent out a round, do it in London, at least you'll be on hand (sort of)

Find a worker you think seems genuine, and already has a bit of his or her own work (And Female window cleaners are very much on the increase!)

Dont pay by the hour, take 20% of the money earned.  Get them to leave post paid envelopes where no one is at home, so that most of the cheques come directly to you without having to collect.  They can then keep any money they get while doing it, and you can give them whatever else they are owed at the end of the week.

Be prepared for them being sick or on holiday.  You'll either need arrange cover or do it yourself if possible (better).

And also, if they're any good they'll leave you behind after about 4 months because their own work has increased sufficiently.  Be ready for that, and try and have a few people waiting in the wings.  If you find someone really good who has no desire for their own round, take them on formally as an employee.

If customers are lost, contact them to see why.  If they havent done a good job, charge 1.5x its value.  If the customer is just a pain, let it go.

It can be done, but it is far from easy.  I doubt you could do it while doing a full time job as well, but maybe a part time one.

Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 11 December 2003
I agree with Silly, if renting out work was so simple then I wouldn`t be going up my ladder tomorrow.



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