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Questions - Earnings, tall buildings, marketing

Posted by paul3591 (paul3591), 25 September 2003
I have some questions
(1)How much do window clearers earn?
(2)How would you clean windows on tall buildings?
(3) what is the best way of marketing your company and finding customers?
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 25 September 2003
Hi Paul,
          What window cleaners earn depends very much on what kind of work they do and what hours they work etc so its a hard question to answer but you can earn a very good living. Grin Getting to high windows is another one where their is several ways of doing it, Water fed poles being by far the safest. As far as marketing the business is concerned Yellow pages is good and leaflets and also door canvassing depending on what type of work you are trying to get Huh

Hope this helps!

Steve Lowe
Posted by Bones (Bones), 25 September 2003
Hi Paul, I'm a newbie at the window cleaning world so your first two questions i can't really give you a true based answer but i can tell you how i've been drumming up custom for myself Grin

I went straight out and hit a few roads/areas personally knocking on the door cards in hand and asking them if they "needed the service of a window cleaner" (not just say "hello mate/darling would you like me to clean your windows). I also offered to do the front of their home there and then free of charge if they agreed to use my service and i noticed that when people actually see you cleaning drums up custom itself.
This may sound silly but, i walked round an estate today just looking at windows Roll Eyes  looking for a row of homes with dirty windows actually. Then, I decided to knock and do my sales pitch and it went down a treat, one old lady was so happy (because these people have not seen a cleaner for ages) made me a bacon butty while i done her front windows!  Grin bless her.

Hope this will help you get started, because it's working wonders for me!  Grin

Oh yea, now that i have a load of people on my books, instead of saying "I'm starting a cleaning round" i'm now say "i'm EXPANDING my round", and this is making a difference as i think they know you are genuine and not just makin a quick buck to pay for your holiday.

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