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Satellite Dishes

Posted by Mick_Taylor (Mick_Taylor), 2 January 2004
A lady customer of mine said that her sky signal stopped whilst I was cleaning the windows & I must have hit her dish which I didn't.
Can the signal be stopped by passing your ladder in front of it?
Has anyone else had this problem?
Posted by jonesy5 (jonesy5), 2 January 2004
last xmas a lady gave 8 cans as a tip(one of my posher customers) then i knocked her satalite dish but didnt realize it.  it was xmas eve and the family had to go without it for a week Angry  i knew i must have done it but didnt realize, i have never heard of passing ladders affecting reception.
i still have the customer we are good friends now though she always cringes when i take ladders round the back  Cheesy
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 2 January 2004
That must be a comon problem as the same thing happened to me, as I was moving my ladders I knocked a dish (only a tap )but the reception was spoilt , I told my customer that the sky man must not have tightened the bolts up very well and  I would do it for her . I allways get a brew and toast whenever I clean her windows now  Cool
Posted by matt (matt), 2 January 2004
say you saw a big blackbird fly into the dish Smiley

allways works
Posted by windows_chepstow (windows_chepstow), 2 January 2004
I received a phone call from a customer saying his satelite dish didn't work after I'd visited.  He'd phoned sky and the first thing they asked him was "Have you had a window cleaner today?".

He had.  Me.

I didn't realise I'd hit it, but being a Geordie it's normally my fault, so I went round with my ladders and after a bit of re-adjusting I eventually got it working!
Posted by easycleanwindows (easycleanwindows), 3 January 2004
Done it to and the same thing get the customer to lok a tv and just reajust you soon get the signal back as long as you got the spanners

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