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Cleaning a War Memorial

Posted by dave (dave), 17 December 2003


I've been approached to clean my local War Memorial!

I have done some research on this and have found out that it is made of Limestone which is covered in Lichen, a silver grey fungi.

There are chemicals which you can mix and apply with water and then powerwash off.

I would like to know iff anyone has had experience of doing this type of work and is it financially viable.

I would have to buy a powerwash and generator, no water supply (new/secondhand) any ideas on the costsHuh Once I have bought these, could possibly use within my cleaning business.

Has anyone tried it and it has gone drastically wrong!

The price for this work would be about 130.00 and should take approx 2-3 hours

Regards Dave

Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 18 December 2003
I wouldn`t even bother if I were you....Thank them for their offer then decline will cost you more to buy the equipment than you will will have to have insurance....why not sub it out to someone who does powerwashing then at least you get a butty out of it....Have Fun...

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