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Window Cleaning in Australia?

Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 14 February 2004
My brother works for a commercial window cleaner in Sydney.He loves the job and the weather!! But he tells me that the domestic window cleaner is vertually unheard of over in Oz. It appears that due to houses having insect screens on a lot of the windows people just have the windows cleaned twice a year, in and out and get the screens washed as well.
I just thought that I would throw this topic in as I wonder if anyone knows of domestic window cleaners in Australia. How do they work? Is it true that windows are only cleaned twice a year on average?Is there really an untapped load of work just waiting for us pro's to get into? After all its only 24 hours away by plane! Wot you think?
Posted by simonb (simonb), 14 February 2004
My mum lives in Perth.
Guess what happens when u put water on a window in 40 degree temperatures.
Posted by roy (roy), 14 February 2004
My brother lives in perth and apparently window cleaning is a good buisness....he does it at wk ends, its not as regular as over hear but its inside and out Smiley
Posted by matt (matt), 14 February 2004
its true, its a 6month thing

same as in the southern states in the USA, its done every 6 months, sometimes once a year
Posted by Simon_King (Simon_King), 14 February 2004
When my brother is working on the high offices around the city they try to work on the shaded side of the building for obvious reasons! Oh and they stay covered up, the sun is amazingly powerful over there.
Posted by karlosdaze (karlosdaze), 14 February 2004
I used to work in Sydney, we worked from 5 a.m. till 9 a.m. end of shift! The problems were sun & wind.
I never did any domestic, but windows stay cleaner for the fly screens. I have the same problems here in Spain. My clients are mainly English, as I can't compete against the spray on cleaners for 5 an hour.
You can clean windows in the sun, you just section areas off & do a couple of square metres at a time. I always take a note which clients are morning or afternoon cleans, depending which way they face!
Posted by Old_Master (Old_Master), 15 February 2004
Heres a link to an Australian window cleaning company

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