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Shading & Pile Reversal

Posted by woodman (woodman), 4 September 2003
I had a call this week from a local carpet cleaner in a panic.

He had cleaned a carpet for a customer and now she was accusing him of ruining it as the pile had 'distorted'.

He asked if I could carry out an independent report as she was claiming £2800 for replacement.

I duly called and inspected at the very irate lady's house  to discover that it was a simple case of pile reversal nothing at all to do with his cleaning other than the fact that once cleaned the reversal was more obvious than before, the reversal she had assumed was soiling/flattened pile which is why he was called in the first place.

He knew about the reversal but had failed to mention it on quoting the job.

Conclusion: he was in the clear but he should have informed her first that she had this very common problem the result being she will never use him again and no doubt she will spread the word that he's not to be trusted.

Always cover your back by carrying out pre cleaning inspections and bring to the attention of the consumer any possible problem areas

Happy Cleaning
Posted by Derek (Derek), 4 September 2003
True words of wisdom indeed.

Qualifying problems with a customer before you start work is a lot easier that trying to defend your position when something happens which has not been expected by the customer.

A phrase I love to use for the pre-clean inspection talk is .....'put the customers expectations into reality'


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