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A question for all window cleaners.

Posted by James (Stooby), 2 October 2003
How often do you clean your own windows? Huh

I do mine about three times a year (to my wifes disgust). It takes about 4 hrs approx (about 1/2 hr to do a good job on a similar sized house) because I wash all the frames etc.

I therefore contest she gets good value.  Roll Eyes

Posted by steve_massey (steve_massey), 2 October 2003
I've cleaned mine once this year so far, probably be the last now has its started getting colder.

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 2 October 2003
Hi Stooby,
              I clean mine at the beginning of each month otherwise my life is not worth living. Grin

Steve Lowe
Posted by Rob_B (Rob_B), 2 October 2003
I do mine every fortnight as I clean my two neighbours houses. Imagine my misus face if I didn't do ours.
Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 2 October 2003
I clean mine 4 wks if she is lucky I told her to get a window cleaner but because he turned up when he liked 5 wks she sacked him
Not nice have
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 2 October 2003
I used to do mine every 2 weeks , but I could never get paid
Posted by Terry_Burrows (Terry_Burrows), 4 October 2003
WinkGuilty as sin me once every Huh when I really have to do it Cheesy when the nag nags Grin
Posted by fez (fez), 4 October 2003
Once a month or more if I've got new gear to try out. Grin
Posted by Bones (Bones), 4 October 2003
Mmmm, well I am doing it very regular at the moment (as i'm new and practising  Grin ). but i'm very sure that will end up a once a year job,.... if that!  Shocked
Posted by Craig_Wilson (Craig_Wilson), 5 October 2003
Every fortnight as it's on my round,But like you guys I dont get paid.
Posted by g_griffin (g_griffin), 19 October 2003
i have a window cleaner(just upstairs). worth the price  because im bone idle.
Posted by steve-mark (steve-mark), 19 October 2003
The last time I did ours was August, But had to do them today (Sunday) to try out my new A frame Ladder !!

Tone Clean
Posted by andy (andy), 19 October 2003
I do mine after i cut the grass outside.

Which is once in a while! when i can.

Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 19 October 2003
Hi Steve,
              How did you get on with the A frame Huh

Steve Lowe
Posted by samm (samm), 21 October 2003
I do my road monthly, but my own usually every other but as I tell my girlfriend i do inside & out which is twice the work

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