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starting up

Posted by jdstella (jdstella), 18 January 2004
i am researching web sites regarding equipment and courses in preperation to starting up carpet/ driveway/ patio cleaning business.
i would be grateful of any guidance / advice which could be of assistance.
also need to know about v.a.t and tax /  business issues.

thanks in antisipation.

Posted by shinnyshinner (shinnyshinner), 18 January 2004
hi jdstella
Have you checked out all the replys in the different posts there are loads, which can help.
Posted by petra (petra), 19 January 2004
Vat you do not need to registar for until you reach around 50 K (ok i think its 56k) turnover.
You must inform the tax man of starting a new business with in three months of the start or face a fine
A Prochem course is also very avisable and they do courses that not only tell you about carpets and cleaning them but about the business side,
Hope this helps

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