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roof cleaning

Posted by cleaner_windows (mark-gee), 4 April 2004
i have recently been asked by a few of my customers if i cleen roof's. i,e moss and algae.  
has anybody indulged in this and if so a little guidance would be very much appreciated.

     many thanks mark
Posted by kevinmchugh (kevinmchugh), 11 April 2004
i,ve cleaned a couple of roofs of moss etc. providing the pitch of the roof isnt too steep its quite a doddle,although quite time consuming (depending on size obviously). i simply use a wallpaper scraper starting on the top row of tiles and work my way down. remember a large amount of the moss will roll into the gutter so allow time to clear it out. also if the moss has been there a long time it will leave a light coloured patch where it was.tell the customer this might happen & there wont be any comebacks,it`ll still look a lot better anyway. make sure you get a good price cos they`re not gonna go up there. kev Grin
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 11 April 2004
Used to walk about up there with a pressure washer then when sense kicked in did it with a lance with a 90 degree angle ( it kicks upwards and could push you backwards) from gutter level.Then attatched a drain snake to an unger extension pole to reach further and then went in for wall washing and gutter cleaning. Its hard work and cause no one else is mad enough you should charge ludicrous prices.
I dont bother now a wfp is easier.
Posted by Tam1967 (T.W.C), 11 April 2004
I've not cleaned roofs for 15 years now, i used wire brushes with scrapers attached. watch out for those hands to much grazing and you wont be cleaning windows for days.
100 per roof 15 years ago for 4 to 5 hours work.
would not do it for less than 250 now a days.

I think there is now a chemical available that you apply using a watering can leave for 24hrs and then brush of next day, ill find out for ya. got leaflet somewhere.


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