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Smoke damage

Posted by des (des), 2 March 2004
Hi  all
I have picked up a job in a house with smoke damage and part of the job is wiping down the walls to remove the smoke marks .What product would you use to help remove the problem any advice please des asap
Posted by Glynn (Glynn), 2 March 2004
I would use Prochem Ultrapac Renovate, very effective on this.
Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 2 March 2004
Hi Des

Sorry to be nick picking what type of smoke damage are you referring too there are more or less 5 categories of smoke residue, just using what Glynn recommend can be too your cost (sorry Glynn) there are many factors in dealing with smoke damage so take care. I could go on but you need too supply what type of surface you are trying to clean ect.


Posted by leerob695 (leerob695), 2 March 2004
as there are 3 types of fires protein synthetic and natural you need to figure out which one it is,
 A protein fire has the most difficult residue of the 3 types to remove as well as the most difficult odour to remove
as a rule of thumb i would tend to dry clean any loose residue off the walls using a lambswool duster or a chemical sponge and then i would use a high alkaline product to clean down the walls and i would also add to this some kind of odour neturalisor again different fire types need different fragrances ie protein fire (citrus flavour) synthetic fire (kentucky blue grass) natural fire (cherry flavour) and many in between you may also wish to consider whether the property will need thermaly fogging with above flavoured products

i could go on for hours about different ways to decontaminate a fire damaged property but if you require any help please send me a message

lee  (ex fire + flood technician)

Posted by lenpg (Len Gribble), 3 March 2004
I agree with Lee you will need to know what type of fire, wet smoke, dry smoke, Plastic/rubber, Protein, Fuel and other (the word natural as lee put it needs defining) each has itís own unique way of cleaning, but if itís a protein fire donít waste you time trying to use a lambs wool duster or chemical sponge,

I note that on another forum you posted the same request but only mentioned walls as far as I know smoke is not just limited to walls only but I could be wrong.


Posted by des (des), 3 March 2004
Hi all
the smoke damage has come from a boiler that burst .The smoke damage is not bad but you can see  slight  smoke stains on the walls and there is no smell of smoke   des

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