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Alan Gilligan

Posted by Ray (Ray), 18 January 2004
Has anyone heard of a company called Alan Gilligan who were agent for Stimvak they are based in manchester.

In 1997 we went on a training course with them and then bought our first machine.

Posted by Derek (Derek Bolton), 18 January 2004
Hi Ray

I remember Allan who also did training for StimVak all those years wouldn't surprise me if he hasn't retired.
You are talking a long time ago

Posted by tony6369 (tony6369), 19 January 2004
I am very sorry to tell you that Alan Gilligan passed away whilest on holiday in July 2002. We used to buy all of our chemicals from him, as far as we know his wife sold the business.
Posted by Ray (Ray), 19 January 2004
Thank you Tony for that information.

Last week we were talking to someone in the trade who said he had heard that Alan had passed away.  
But it was not something that I wanted to mention just in case it was not true, a bit embarrassing.

Alan was the first to teach us on cleaning carpets. The first training course I went on. His wife kept us supplied with tea all day and I remember that Alanís tie kept being sucked in by the machine.

He was a good bloke.

We would like to offer his wife our condolences.

Ray & Jackie

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