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Getting commercial work

Posted by freegarda (freegarda), 8 October 2003
My dad's been cleaning windows for the last 15 years, mainly domestic stuff. The thing is he's getting on a bit, so I was thinking of joining him and giving him a hand.

The problem is we'd need more work to keep us both going, we tried canvassing the areas around where he's been working up until now, but couldnt get an awful lot.

We were thinking it might be better to go down the commercial route. He's got 1 contract already on an old peoples home, and if we could get another couple like that it would be great.

Has anyone got any ideas on how to go about getting this kind of work? Cheers.
Posted by Majestic (Majestic), 8 October 2003
With the bad weather on its way , next time you get rained off why not try some larger buildings , have a look at the windows if they are dirty give them a try  and offer your services , you dont know if you dont ask  Cool
Posted by fez (fez), 9 October 2003
How do you price up for commercial work?
I do domestic windows but have been asked a few times to price up commercial work but I don't want to under/over charge.

Do you charge less for the daily/weekly commercial jobs?
Posted by Londoner (Londoner), 11 October 2003
In London shop windows are the best alternative to domestic work but its all very well sewn up.

However, it never hurts to ask and asking costs nothing. Most blocks of flats have management companies that run them. Often there is a plaque or notice somewhere around the front entrance giving details and a number to contact. Or you can talk to the warden if there is one.

If you didn't get much luck canvassing around the area where you currently work, why not consider a different area? Canvassing can be slow and sometimes depressing but you just HAVE to keep at it. Even if you have to knock on a million doors you will eventually get the customers you want.
Dont give up
Posted by freegarda (freegarda), 15 October 2003
How about trying to get on to the local councils tender list? Does anyone know how to do this?
Posted by DerekW (Hydrotech_UK), 16 October 2003
All, I replied to this topic yesterday, but for some reason my reply has now been removed ?  ..... so much for free speech hey ?  .....
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 16 October 2003
Theres a difference between free speech and free advertising! I'm sure your system is of interest to others but some of your posts are getting very repetitive. If you want to advertise your system online try
In the meantime we look forward to other contributions you can make to this site.
Posted by matt (matt), 16 October 2003
i got to agree with Mike

Hydrotech every post you made was about your machine, while its a idea, and it looks a smart piece of kit, it is a little OTT in every post you make

Just my 2p worth, i expect its not worth 2p, but hey, we all have opinions  Smiley

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