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Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 October 2003

 I have a large brick area in which vandals have spray painted a section of the wall, any ideas on how to remove this
Posted by petra (petra), 29 October 2003
if it your wall, jet wash, and you can also by proper graffiti remover ....but jet washing may blow out the be warned
Posted by Anj (Anj), 29 October 2003

 Thanks for important info, will pass on to Client
Posted by locko (locko), 2 November 2003
Grin.....Hi Anj...just read your posting re company offers Grafitti Removal...we use either a steam cleaner, chemicals and steam cleaner or cold water with a very small amount of silica of these usually works wonders....

Petra is correct that sometimes it cannot be helped that with older bricks the faces do blow off them but with experience and the correct method, grafitti is a nuisance rather than a monster....once clean the area can be treated with a "sacrificial solution" which makes it very difficult for the vandals to ruin the area again.....

My company covers the whole of Greater Manchester including some of Cheshire and Lancashire....give me a shout if you need us....Have Fun....Locko Grin

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