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Starting a window cleaning business - Equipment you need, suppliers to use and trade organisations to join, etc.

any advice on starting up?

Posted by danny (danny), 4 August 2003
im starting a new window cleaning company in my local area i am about to deliver 1000 flyers and just wondered how many customers on average i should pick up from this and any ideas of a first year average income i could hope to get

thanx danny
Posted by Mike_Boxall (Mike_Boxall), 4 August 2003
Hi Danny
This seems to be a popular question as there is another topic running regarding the same issue.
I guess the result will depend on a number of issues such as what types of addresses are being targetted (ie is it a more affluent area where more people are likely to be having their windows cleaned regularly by a window cleaner), how good is the leaflet (does it sell the benefits of you cleaning their windows), how much competition there is in the area and how aggresive are they (do you recall having leaflets through your door recently) and I dare say there are other issues to consider as well (does everyone have holidays on their mind at the moment).
If I was to stick my finger in the air and have a guess, I would think that between 1 - 2% conversion rate would be reasonable to expect.
I'm sure there are a number of members who would be very interested to know what response you do get - would you mind letting us know a few weeks after you've sent them?
Mike Boxall
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 4 August 2003
i think the only way to use flyers is to hand deliver them with a knock and greet the householder. i work on several new estates and the ammount of flyers others leave is huge, but i knock and i get the job,
how much junk we all get through our doors nowdays we just bin most of it without reading it.
Posted by gibbouk (gibbouk), 4 August 2003
forgot this point i dont think an opening offer is a good idea it sets an impression that will stay with you as a cheap bargain window cleaner. its hard when you start but you will eventually be able to offer a high standard at a fair price without any gimmicks. i tell customers that some cleaners are cheaper some are dearer, and avoid the cheapest because they will not last. over 15 years i have tryed most marketing approaches and found that this works well, never let the customer bid you down, walk away you can always replace them.
Posted by choice.clean (choice.clean), 23 August 2003
in our experience 1% is optimistic and we have quite some experience of leafletting we have put 70,000 leaflets out this year.
one thing we would say is a tatty leaflet is no good. spend on something decent and eye catching we use two colours on glossy card.
i agree that calling is best to offer directly your services to the customer the disadvantage is that you are asking them. if they reply to a leaflet they are asking you which gives you a much greater advantage at the point of sale you know that they want a window cleaner in other words a hot prospect not cold calling so you will build a stronger business but it does cost more and takes longer to build
Posted by steve_tyler (steve_tyler), 23 August 2003
Hi m8,why not do the flyers then go back a week later and knock at the doors.It`s like priming their brain or breaking the ice if you like,half the work has already been go for the kill Wink
Posted by DONT_KNOCK_V_SIDES (DONT_KNOCK_V_SIDES), 25 August 2003
Shockedi always leave the flyers then go back a week later and ask if they got a flyer although u know they have . if they say yes ask if they r interested ,if they say no  ask if they are interested and keep a log of the roads u have canversed  .. another good tip is take the mrs get her to knock and ask  Wink
Posted by wazzastud (wazzastud), 11 September 2003
Hi Guys
I am currently working on a How to Manual about starting a window cleaning business, from getting customers to doing the work I know you are probably thinking well what does he know, well I am currently door canvassing and generating between 50 - 75 worth of new residential business per hour myself.........want to know how E-Mail me:
Posted by admin (Forum Admin), 11 September 2003
Hi Wazzastud!?
Why dont you share your ideas here? We have some very experienced window cleaners on this forum and they may be able to offer you some help too!
Forum Admin

ps This is a professional forum - people might take you more seriously with a more professional user name (just a suggestion! - you can change it from within the profile link.
Posted by STEVE71163 (Steve Lowe), 11 September 2003
  I have found that the best way of increasing my customer base with window cleaning is just to go out door knocking with your business card and i can get up to about 100 worth of work in a few hours.


Steve Lowe

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