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UPV cladding

Posted by Sunshine (Sunshine), 18 January 2004
Hi All,

Need a little help. Whats  the best way to slean UPC (cladding etc).

A couple of customers have asked me if I will clean their cladding. I was going to power wash it off...please let me have your thoughts.

Posted by APS_PureWash_Sys (APS_PureWash_Sys), 18 January 2004
Quite a few firms i know use their wfp systems to clean upc cladding if its in a bad state you will have to get a platform in to do the job and some elbow grease. the firm i worked for, on names mentioned they always used wfp for this task!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Diamond_Vision (Jeff Brimble), 18 January 2004
It always ends up being a bigger job than u think so do not underestimate it. Its probably gone greyish and may have mould on the bottom edges. You have to agitate dirt so just using water even a pressure washer may not be the answer. If you put a ladder anywhere near it , because of the brittleness with age it could easily break and then try and replace it !!!! Try 100 both sides of the house and be prepared to walk away. Even a wfp will take lots of arm movement and time.
Posted by stevekennedy (stevekennedy), 19 January 2004
I use a ladder stand-off for access to avoid touching the plastic. Then take wet abrasive pad with some Jif cream cleaner on it. Give it a rubb then dry it off/polish it with dry scrim/towel. Takes a while but looks great. I always explain to the customer that I'm doing it this way even though it takes a bit longer then they think the're getting something for nothing. I don't usually do the gable ends as my ladders won't reach. Customers are usually willing to pay 50 - 70 for the front and back minus the gables. Takes me 1 1/2 hours. Good earner!  Grin

Posted by Bones (Bones), 19 January 2004
I'll agree that Facia/soffit cleaning is a good earner Cool

As Steve said, a bit of elbow grease and Cif or Jif whatever it is now? works wonders,..

1st - it does a "blooming" (that ok Steve Cheesy) good job.
2nd - the customer see's you up there and see's you're givin it some.
3rd - People driving by notice you and i'd say 70% of the time i've been asked to do other peoples just from being seen Grin

I usually save these up as Saturday jobs and it can be done in the rain, another thing, offer to clean the windows after Wink

Posted by mickeyfat (mickeyfat), 21 January 2004
i find some house 150 and some 50 depends on the customers urgentness

and i also find it a good earner somtimes 8 a day inth summer (quikeies 50 quid each)

but i it only a good earner because of lack of collections?

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