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machine on its side

Posted by Emin (Emin), 19 March 2004
Hello everyone

We are having some problems with our van and are forced to use our small hatch for going on jobs.

Although it is a bit of a hassle trying to fit all the equipment into the car, my biggest concern is whether the extraction machine (Prochem 2000 Powermax) can be damaged in any way by putting it on its side in the car (due to hight restriction)

All replys appreciated

Thank You
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 19 March 2004

The case of this machine is fairly rugged and scuff resistant but I would use some firm padding (rolled-up blanket?) to support the load at the edges - the sides being curved.

You may find that you need to bleed the pump before use.

Give some thought to what would happen in the event of a frontal impact - a machine of this weight impacting the back of the drivers neck could realy spiol his day.

Posted by Emin (Emin), 19 March 2004
Thanks for the reply John

Im aware of the dangers but for now this is the best i can do.

Could you just explain what bleending the pump is and how it is done.
Posted by pre-vac_Nick (HolmansUKLTD), 19 March 2004
Hire a van that could save you any problems Grin
Posted by adl (dave at adl), 19 March 2004
reading your comments about the dangers and its the best you can do, i hope you do not employ staff who drive your van or are passengers, one accident, insecure load, dead people and a long holiday at the tax payers expense for the cxompany owner, take it from me being an ex lorry driver, been there, almost happened. very lucky.
Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 19 March 2004

Just red your IM - sorry for delay.

With the machine on its' side, the small amount of water that normally remains in the pump may drain out and be replaced by air.

When this occurs, even on pumps intended to be self-priming, when next used, the pump may appear not to opperate. the solution to this is, with water in the tank and the pump switched on, either insert an open connector or other suitably-sized object into the output connector and depress the centre pin untill water issues.

This is refered to as bleeding since the air is bled out of the pump.


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