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How do I clean tiled floors!!

Posted by chartermarque (chartermarque), 11 January 2004
I am new to the site and the cleaning industry, currently building a premium window cleaning business.

Quick question:  What is the best way to clean heavily soiled entrance proch floor tiles?  These are black and white check pattern, I have tried cream scourers and even oven cleaner!! Huh

Any advice much appreciated.
Posted by petra (petra), 11 January 2004
we use a prosuct called clover gel, mix for heavy soiled, then mop on, leave for a bout 4 mins and mop again, stubborn marks you can use a floor brush. Rubbers are good for black scuff marks. We dod us another product Virosol this is also excellent.
Your should avoid product that are not designed for the job, as damage can occur. Is the floor sealed?
Posted by chartermarque (chartermarque), 11 January 2004
No I don't think the floor is sealed in any way.  It is in a 1930's house.

Are you able to direct me to a source of the products you mention?

Thanks again
Posted by petra (petra), 12 January 2004
why not speak to our sponsors, or your local cleaning supplier, these are clover products.

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