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petrol station roof

Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 10 March 2004
How can I powerwash a canopy over a petrol station? should i use scaffolding, a cherry picker or can I get a 20ft extension lance for my pressure washer

Its about 30ft high , which would be the cheapest option

Posted by rob_s (rob_s), 10 March 2004
Hi Mike,
           I've seen a  firm cleaning a filling station canopy using tower scaffolding on  braked wheels.

 Hope this helps.

Regards   rob-s
Posted by squeaky (squeaky), 11 March 2004
I always use a cherry picker as I feel that this is the safest way.

Posted by RAINBOW69 (CATMAN), 11 March 2004

Go for the safest option, not the cheapest. For this type of work you should use a cherry picker. You will feel safe.
Posted by Les (Les), 11 March 2004
Hi Mike,
let me know how you get on, only I've been asked about one for later in the year.
I thought 'cherry picker' sounds best, but the garage owner is a bit 'Tight' Shocked and 'Rich' Cry
He will  probably want me to stand on the roof of my Van with a Mop, whilst he drives it up and down to save on money !! He might even put a litre of Diesel in to cover running costs.. Grin Cheesy
Les Wink
Posted by mike_halliday (mike_halliday), 12 March 2004
I've priced up a scaffold on wheels, 50 inc vat & delivery. this is for a weekend hire.

 As i'll be adding the cost into  the price I'll probally go for this option.


Posted by wreelyclean_servic (Wreelyclean Services), 13 March 2004 out for all those drivers who just might be in the market to cause you trouble by claiming this, that and everything else has happened to their car because you were cleaning above.....yes I know you will cone off certain areas but you know what it can be like....

Try and get the job when/if it is could blame it on H & S.....charge more for out of hours cleaning and get it done quicker `cos no-one will be getting in the way.....

Just a thought.... Grin
Posted by Les (Les), 14 March 2004
Good point about doing the work when the petrol station is closed....but if they're anything like the one's we deal with ...they either open 24/7 or open at 6am and close at 10pm.
I had to clean a forecourt car wash, which for me is a bit like 'the Turkey voting for Christmas'  Grin (we do car valeting) and all I got was people driving all over my hoses and power cables + wingeing because they wanted to wash their car. Angry
When we clean and treat the forecourt shop floors it has to be done between 8 - 10 pm. I had to get the garages to sign a disclaimer to prevent a claim against us if anyone falls 'whatsit over thingy'.

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