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hard floors there worse than carpet you know!!

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 28 December 2003
This may start a discussion perhaps not.

I have been looking into the health side of things and i am going to try and use it as a selling point for a while to see how successfull it is , on the the internet there are many conflicting views , sadly the majority seem to say get rid of your carpets   Angry Angry swines.

Anyway here is a piece i found on the healthly flooring site putting people off the cheap vinyl flooring. that B+Q and the like are selling by the ton.

Anyone else got any good bumf to slag off hard floors.

PVC (vinyl) flooring is the most common type of smooth flooring
in the UK. PVC creates environmental hazards throughout its lifecycle, mostly
because of its main constituent chlorine, which can lead to the creation of dioxin when it is
manufactured, or burned in incinerators. Because PVC products are difficult to recycle they present a
growing and costly waste problem.
PVC flooring also contains a number of additives in large quantities, some of which are also toxic. In particular, the
softeners known as phthalates can leak out of PVC floors when they are washed or can be emitted into the air and
attach to dust. Other hazardous additives used in PVC floors are chlorinated paraffins and tributyl tin. All of
these are listed internationally as chemicals for priority action for elimination. There is some evidence
that has linked phthalates in PVC flooring to the development of asthma, so although PVC is
undoubtedly the cheapest smooth flooring, it should not be recommended as a suitable
substitute for fitted carpets, particularly if there is concern
about asthma or other allergies.

All the best


Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 28 December 2003
Wood laminates are made from pieces of wood glued or bonded together sometimes
using formaldehyde resins. These emit formaldehyde gas at room temperature.
Ask for low or zero emitting boards.

Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 29 December 2003

Go to:

There you will find all the information you need, and a lot more!

Posted by ALEXDH (ALEXDH), 29 December 2003
Thanks thats a great link.

Did not work but got the gist others click here
Posted by Ivar_Haglund (Ivar_Haglund), 29 December 2003
I have hard wood floors in my own house

I would never do it again

The pet hair goes every where more dust too

And for got about the echo factor

IVAR Cool Cool Cool Cool Cry

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