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Posted by Dynafoam (Dynafoam), 7 November 2003
Second job today was a filthy deep pile nylon lounge carpet.

Despite the general grime, what caught the eye on entering the room was a large mass of red candle wax, where a 6-inch candle had been knocked over,

I went to the van to get the dry-steam pistol and remembered that I had not yet tried One Step Zappit on wax.

After the innitial 'Chip & shave' I applied (cold) Zappit, not really expecting anything to happen at this stage. Before applying steam I gave the remains of the wax a prod with the trusty hickory scraper,....... and WOW - the wax had softened ! After about a minutes' gentle agitation the wax had become a thick paste.

Since the pistol was to hand and ready it was used to blow the paste into a towel but I feel that, with a little more time, it may well have come out with a normal hot rinse.

Elsewhere on the carpet were several dozen blobs of Bluetac - something I really hate - and these came out with Zappit easier than I would have believed possible.

This from a product I have tried on many shoe polish, lipstick etc. spots and been totaly unimpressed - usually reverting to  other tried and trusted remedies.

Little wonder my van looks like a mobile janitorial supply shop - yet another product on my 'must have' list.

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